The Good Old Times - Bittersweet memories

The good old days, eh?

Older generations, say from mid 30's onwards, speak of how things were better in the good old days.

I believe that I have been blessed with a good life, with many great experiences. Oh course there were experiences that were not so great.

The thing is, when I look back on those experiences, the times, the places, the things I did - I should be grateful.
Yes, I am grateful, but I am also filled with what can be an overwhelming sadness.
Sadness that those days are long gone, the World has changed, I've gotten older (53), my health has declined.

Sure, you don't have to be autistic to have those mournful thoughts for what once was, but does being autistic make it that much harder?

  • I have been thinking recently about how things used to be as I struggle a lot more now. When I did more things which made memories I did not know I was autistic. I think the times I remember were when there were less changes and things were slower. There are positives of today, but the thing I find so difficult is the constant change which would make it more difficult for an autistic. 

  • Sorry I cannot relate. I was born in 21st century so all I have ever known is the world we have now. The world where there is constant wars, terrorist attacks, food shortages, fuel poverty, endless lockdowns, lonely people, hatred, violence. I don’t remember the last time I seen a positive news story about anything. What is this world I find myself in? I am only a young man but for one thing I sure don’t know if I’d even want to bring children into this world for what it has become. What future would they have? Even when I was a kid the world was a nicer place even though 9/11 had just happened and everyone was semi on edge about it. But it just seems to get wilder and more chaotic every year that goes by. I find myself wonder what the major thing to happen this year will be?

  • I was born in 1997 so can't relate to the olden days like a lot of people can though having said that I do have my own olden days, i.e when my parents were alive and I was a child and a lot happier and carefree. I miss those days. Life felt kind, and at the time I felt like nothing would ever change. I miss that life and that version of me. They were the best of times.

  • The problem was our expectations, which were taken advantage of.

    We were promised the Sun, Moon and Stars. In the end we became Bums with Degrees.

  • i was born 1990. i think we perhaps think too much, when i was a kid i had depressive thoughts about the potential of aging and losing everyone to age, losing my parents.... i havent lost them even yet but i remember i was always sad and depressive thinking on this stuff and easily set off. time and progression is sadness and loss.

    but as for the world, it was always bad. it always had bad events going on.... just you went from a young age not paying attention to it, to a older age being aware of it, to the modern age where your not only aware of it but constantly bombarded and reminded of it. its best to turn all media off entirely and focus on your life instead. all media is toxic.

    the world didnt progressively get bad after 9/11 that is just the first bad event most of our age will remember. everything before that was terrible, from ira troubles and bombings, to collapses of nations, to gulf wars, korean wars, falkland wars, many many many wars.... the world was always bad we just wasnt constantly bombarded by the media with it all the time and we was young enough to ignore it.

  • Apart from the end-lesss lock downs ( unless you were a Palestinian) all things you list here were around since the forever. the one new thing new is the crowding. there are SO many more people now than before. It's getting pretty crowded. That's the one thing that I notice and that when disaster strikes it affects that many more people. in the 50s we had the red scare, reefer madness, polio, scant vaccines, AS peeps in institutions for the insane on shock therapy, institutionalized marital rape, forced marriage etc. etc. These days we just have a new set of things to focus all that primal litany you mentioned on but it's part of the human, no matter how they are wired, psyche.

  • You are an aware dude, Caleus......for a youngster!

  • It’s often nostalgia but sometimes it’s true. Depends on the time and location. Things were better in some places than they are now for sure, but for many, things have got a whole lot better. My Great Grandmother told me when I was about 11 I think how WW2 devastated not just the country but the entire world and how bad things were when she was a child. She said the worst was how the toilet was in a shed at the back of the garden lol and that schools were able to physically discipline you. 

    She's the only person who never told me how good the old days were. She liked the here and now.

    A lot of the problem now is social media. It gives everyone a voice. They can say what they like and online there's little consequence. It's not policed as well as it should be. And of course bad news such as wars and the like are reported continuously 24 hours a day, no escaping it if you spend all your time on social media. Throughout school I was on social media but in my last year I gave it up because it was thoroughly depressing me and I just thought "Why am I even on this?". I don't miss it. It had a bad atmosphere and I don't need that in my life.

    My Great Grandmother and always impressed by how good houses are, how advanced healthcare was and how it was easier to get about with cars and how easy it was to buy things with online shopping and digital banking. The world has its problems, it always has and it sadly always will but the here and now for me is what counts. I try to ignore news and focus on my life and not look back. I'm looking forward.

  • I was born in 1977 and came of age in the 90s. I look back on those times as being carefree, happy and almost idyllic. There was no social media, phones or anything that we have now. Life was simpler, less complicated, and living in the moment was easier to do as there were no distractions to life. Maybe we were living a life of ignorance, but it was easier. 

    Yes, autism reframes the past and how I lived, but that does not diminish the joy those years brought me. I feel sad that life for my children won't be that easy, like being able to buy a house, or go to uni. 

    I am glad I lived when I did though.

  • I was born in 1971, so were from the same era.

    The 1980's was a great decade to grow up in - a lot happened during those 10 years.
    Yes, were young and carefree without the too many worries, maybe not so for our parents - especially those that had to endure financial struggles after the stock market crash in 1987.

    I'll create a new discussion about growing up in the 1980's.