The Good Old Times - Bittersweet memories

The good old days, eh?

Older generations, say from mid 30's onwards, speak of how things were better in the good old days.

I believe that I have been blessed with a good life, with many great experiences. Oh course there were experiences that were not so great.

The thing is, when I look back on those experiences, the times, the places, the things I did - I should be grateful.
Yes, I am grateful, but I am also filled with what can be an overwhelming sadness.
Sadness that those days are long gone, the World has changed, I've gotten older (53), my health has declined.

Sure, you don't have to be autistic to have those mournful thoughts for what once was, but does being autistic make it that much harder?

  • i was born 1990. i think we perhaps think too much, when i was a kid i had depressive thoughts about the potential of aging and losing everyone to age, losing my parents.... i havent lost them even yet but i remember i was always sad and depressive thinking on this stuff and easily set off. time and progression is sadness and loss.

    but as for the world, it was always bad. it always had bad events going on.... just you went from a young age not paying attention to it, to a older age being aware of it, to the modern age where your not only aware of it but constantly bombarded and reminded of it. its best to turn all media off entirely and focus on your life instead. all media is toxic.

    the world didnt progressively get bad after 9/11 that is just the first bad event most of our age will remember. everything before that was terrible, from ira troubles and bombings, to collapses of nations, to gulf wars, korean wars, falkland wars, many many many wars.... the world was always bad we just wasnt constantly bombarded by the media with it all the time and we was young enough to ignore it.

  • You are an aware dude, Caleus......for a youngster!

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