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hi everyone,

I am very concern the way i am being treated by my specialist as I felt they are forcing to adapt the normal enviroment and i am very traumatizing. I had been hurting myself alot these night with lots of bruises and cant sleep due to the depression.

my specialist had been forcing me to put down my special interest in disney characters, fairy tale and costumed characters and adapt the mainstream enviroment. they even force me to interact with someone I don't like (my peers). My peers loves things like sport and watching television whcih i don't like. 

In my world, i like playing with the children and we play together around my area with toys and dolls. the reason i like interacting with the children because they share interest like me. but my specialist is forcing me not to hang out with them because of age difference eventhought no one mind about it. their parent don't bother about this and no one care about this. but they still force me not to hang out with someone who shares interest like me while interact with someone don't have interest like me. they are doing this to me because of my age and i feel like they are bullying me. 

i am very traumatized but no adult are listening to me as they all are on my specialist side just because this lady is a therapist. if i talk to my parent about it, they will punnish me for not being greatful to my specialist. I have no one on my side. I need help.

I am being forced to adapting an enviroment that i don't like. I am very very traumatized.

Does anyone here is on myside and think it's okay of what i like to be doing as i need help.

reminder i am someone at my very late teen.

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  • well about the framing, you are wrong.

    I was referring to the sociological and biological considerations that to lesser or greater degrees ~ involves everyone as a human being, whether they are autistic or not, and whether they are involved directly or not, in terms of involving a societal concern.

    I was not therefore referring to framing people for crimes they had not commited ~ just that accidents occur and mistakes happen when people are not aware of or else ignore the facts of life, what with these including physical aggression and sexual tensions as become more the case throughout the teenage years.

    framing risk will be less for me as i am autistic. if anything goes wrong, i will just say well i am autistic, i am more likely to interact with children. well it wont be a risk for now. well i just do what comfort me.

    The problem is that if charges were brought against you that revolved around you being autistic ~ just saying or proving you are autistic will go against you. And you have already been informed by an autistic man that he was treated very poorly by the criminal justice system ~ which is not entirely unusual in other societal systems involving employment and health for example.

    I do not have to be slave by my therapist. 

    Of course not, but as long as your therapist is not discriminating against you as an autistic person who is psychologically maturing at a slower rate than is normally the case for non-autistic people, you are not entitled to discriminate against her on the basis that autism is free pass to do anything you want either. 

    Remember that equality in your situation with your therapist and society in general ~ involves that you can interact with children in terms of a shared interest in Disney toys and games to reasonable extent, and that interacting with more responsible people of your own age is also involved to a reasonable extent ~ in order that you can in a balanced way participate and develop in society as the talented individual that you are, and can more as such be. 

    like even a middleage woman can frame a man that he had touch her when she did not. so is that mean all men then shouldnt be interacting with other women? no, plenty of men are friends with women?

    same here applied to me interacting with the children.

    If we used the same structure as your argument and applied it to males as being like children and females as being adults ~ men would not learn to have interactions or then relationships with women, which rather proves the difficulty of you arguing that you do not want to interact with people of your own age ~ as there would be a lack of adult interaction development.

    we are all equal regardless of our age, especially for the special needs.

    There is another problem with your thinking, as more equality for those with special needs is less equality for those without them, and is not therefore equality at all!

    Equality involves equal allowances for ability and capacity so that people who need more time for instance to do something get more time to do so, and people who need less time to do the same thing get more time to do the next thing or other things instead. 

    We are all equals in terms of being in some ways similar (like as having organs, flesh and bones) and in other ways dissimilar (like having different abilities, capacities and interests).

    For example ~ you prefer socializing and playing with children involving Disney characters and fairytail themes (not too unlike others like Pikachu characters and stratigy games), whilst other autistic people prefer socializing with adults or elders because there is more in terms of experience and intellect that can be be shared.

    age appropriate shouldnt be applied on the special need as acting like a child is autistic adult nature, out playing with other children, going to the playground and still social the way a kids do.

    In the same way that when people do not exercise they tend to lose or never gain the strength and capacity to do things ~ you need therefore to develop your interactions with different age groups or your contact with people may well over time decrease, and as some autistic and non-autistic people find ~ they become very lonely.

    In order for you to develop appropriately it seems reasonable and relevant that you interact with people that are equivalent to and appropriate for your psychological age development (as perhaps not being so much a teenager yet mentally), just as it seems reasonable and relevant that you also interact with people that are equivalent to and appropriate for your physiological age development (as coming to the end of your teenage years physically) ~ so that you interactively develop in a balanced and healthy way involving people younger, older and about the same age as you.