What do people like doing in the sun?

As the weather getting warmer here a fun discussion for you guys. What do you like doing in the warm sunny weather? Me I love going for walks eating ice cream or sitting in a beer garden with my dog. Over to you guys now what do you like doing in the warm sunny weather?

  • I am enjoying sitting in the garden and quiet pubs

  • I like to sit in a (preferably quiet) pub garden and draw. Sometimes people will come up to me and ask what I’m doing and that’s okay but if not it’s chill. I like the sun. 

  • I love the sun and spending time with people in the sun. I love crowded events. I was at a big festival type thing yesterday. Everyone was getting drunk and just all round enjoying themselves. I did enjoy myself too. I just kind of wanted to get a release and a bit of enjoyment from the everyday boring and mundane stuff. The weather was absolutely beautiful, the sun was beating down and there were lots of beautiful people everywhere. Can’t stress enough how worth it it is to get out there and socialise. People are not as bad as us autistic people sometimes think. I really saw the good side in people yesterday. 

  • Hi Rach, interesting fact - autistic women often look years younger than they are. I was asked my age when I tried to buy cigarettes when I was 24 - and the minimum age for buying cigarettes at that time was 16!

  • I'm finding I can't have fizzy drinks anymore

    For the lemonade I use lemon juice, water and something to sweeten it with (sweetener or honey) - you can keep the bits of lemon in the mix if you like the odd little sharpness to go with the sweetness of the drink.

    100% natural and not entirely bad for you (apart from the natural sugars with honey).

  • In the sun, nothing. I have solar urticaria, so if I'm in strong sunlight for any length of time I come out in unbearable nettlerash. Lurking in the shade in hot weather, I like drinking beer or cider and barbequing squid or fish (fresh sardines are great) - anything but dreary burgers or sausages.

  • Do you like sorbet? If it's very hot I prefer that to ice cream. It does sometimes have dairy so you have to check ingredients, but you can make your own. 

    In a heatwave I freeze a plastic beaker 3/4 full of water, then top it up with water to drink until all the ice has melted, by which time the next one has frozen. Also the condensation is nice and cool to wipe on hot skin. I also find wet linen tea towels are nice to cool off with, or even just wearing wet clothes if desperate!

  • This has changed a lot for me after Covid lockdowns were lifted, having lived in a big city like Manchester for over 20 years, despite being raised in a country village in Rural Ireland - rather than the chaos of big cities, I’d head for the quietest part of a local park, preferably in the early morning and on weekdays and I’d go anywhere that was as rural and as isolated as possible to go for walks, connecting with nature far more so than compared to before Covid and especially in summer - our world is changing in so many horrible ways since Covid and connecting with the divine through nature is something that I feel the need to do far more these days 

  • I'm finding I can't have fizzy drinks anymore as it upsets what I think is diverticulitis. Iced tea is one of the most disgusting drinks on the planet, I'm not a fan of tea at the best of times but iced, yuk and it's sweet.

  • When i was young i used to like picking bogies in the sun,
    but when the sun got to hot, the bogies turned to snot.

  • The hottest place I’ve ever been to is Miami it was paradise just lazing on the beach with my other friends I was with then going to the bars in the night time just wondering how my 19 year old friend got serviced without proof of ID and then there me I’m in my early 30s got accused of having fake ID lol 

  • For me sunlight and everything that reflects the light is painful. So first thing - put sunglasses, second thing go to the park for walk, best in shadow of trees. But if it’s more than 25 degrees then I feel like in a swamp. So this weather is actually unbearable for me.

  • Oh I like to run too. Sometimes I run too much that I almost pass out though (thank you poor interoception..) 

    Do you live on a farm?

  • I like to swim and running and also love to sit with my goats and film my breyer horses too

  • What do you like doing in the warm sunny weather?

    Laying in the shade in a hammock with a good book, cold drink within reach (coconut water is my favourite - or a negroni for late afternoon), just savouring not having to work.

    Where I am it has been in the 30's for weeks now (Brazil) and I've been getting through loads of books (Trudi Canavan, Philip Jose Farmer and assorted books on philosophy lately).

    Unfortunately the sedentary lifestyle meand I've needed to get back to the gym in the morning to stop my weight going up which is less than ideal. It does make the hammock all the sweeter after feeling a wreck from 2 hours of workout though.

  • how about iced lemonade or iced tea? They can be refreshing on hot days.

  • Beer Garden on a Summers Day with Your pet sounds like Heaven.
    Perfect ' Peace '.

  • I love warm weather because I get cold easily. I like just playing outside, riding bikes, maybe swim, and icecream (chocolate) but ill eat that in winter too.

    Edit: I also like to sit in the backyard and pet Ali. Its nice with the sun beating down and a light breeze, hearing a few birds in the trees. ...And then I hear a bee or fly go by my ear and then I freak out and go inside Sweat smile

  • Hiding! I don't get on with warm weather anything hotter than 23.C and I'm totally incapcitated. I find it difficult to breathe, digest, swallow, I sweat buckets and can't stay hydrated, I come out in rashes, I can't sleep and I can't eat iccream due to dairy allergies. I can get dairy free ice creams, but they're not all that nice, are expensive and often contain coconut fat which I also seem to not get on with. Oh and I don't drink alcohol either.