Dealing with relationship rejection when having Aspergers?

I have Aspergers Syndrome, and there is a particular person that I have a crush on, and want to ask out on a date. However, I could be wrong, but I’ve got a feeling that they don’t like me (in that way) back. I’ve avoided asking them out up until now, because I’m really afraid that if they reject me, it will trigger feelings of self-hatred, both in terms of my appearance and myself as a person, as due to having Aspergers, I haven’t always found fitting in easy, and I’m afraid that being rejected in a relationship sense will bring all of these feelings flooding back quite badly. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with relationship rejection with having Aspergers?

Parents Reply
  • It seems that if the guy is a Greek God, dressed expensively and with a nice voice, almost anything is taken as a compliment.   If the guy is a 'two-bagger', then practically everything is taken as harrassment.

    I know a lot of women - myself included - who don't go for the Greek God type at all!

    Seriously though, it is not always about whether a woman might find a man attractive (and many women are not instantly attracted to men they have only just met, anyway). For example, hypothetically speaking, if I was complimented in a lonely street by a Greek God-type (meaning, perhaps, a man who works out and is therefore physically strong), I would feel more threatened because I would think that this is a man who can easily overpower me if he wanted to.

    For many women it's not about whether the guy is superficially attractive or not. It's about feeling safe.