Received assessment report this morning

Social communication 3 Social interaction 5.

Conclusion- I fit the criteria for ICD 10 Asperger syndrome . It confirms what I've felt for decades but a string of psychiatrists before the latest one had failed to consider, ie there's more going on than severe mental illness.

  • It's nice that they finally gave you a conclusion! I hope you are feeling reassured now that you have a diagnosis to help explain the difficulties you've encountered in life. Slight smile

  • I'm pleased . It's good to get an explanation for things.

  • Congratulations on getting to the end of the process! Hope all goes well from now.

  • Yes, congratulations on finally getting a diagnosis and making it through all of the obstacles to get to this point!   I found it had huge explanatory power for me - a different lens thorugh with to understand both my experiences and many of my family's too.  Hope you find it helpful too.  Glad you hear you're pleased.     

  • Hello,   It must be a huge relief to see it in writing! I was also diagnosed with aspergers thre weeks  ago but I’m waiting for the diagnostic report.    I am a little confused though, because I didn’t think aspergers  was used as a diagnosis any longer. 

  •  I am a little confused though, because I didn’t think aspergers  was used as a diagnosis any longer. 

    I think it still is in the UK and in many European countries. DSM-5 have combined everything into ASD, but many countries use ICD-10, and it has Aspergers as a diagnosis. I got my formal diagnosis a couple months ago, and also had Aspergers in my report, but it also noted that it's also now known as autism.

  • They did say the clinical picture is complicated further by my diagnosis of schizophrenia, anxiety and possible dyspraxia. . That it's always difficult in such cases to make sense of what may be due to one disorder or another.

  • I got my own diagnosis late last year (N E England) and the Autism Team specifically stated that they follow the DSM guidelines and that they no longer used the diagnosis of Asperger's.  Likewise the team that diagnosed my son. 

    That said, I asked them if the diagnosis would have previously been Asperger's and they said "yes."  Plus the paperwork sent back to the GP actually stated the ICD 10 code and "Asperger's,"  so they obviously still use it amongst themselves.    

  • I’m really glad that you’ve got your diagnosis, I thought that you would get it. It’s good to have it finally confirmed isn’t it? Hopefully having the diagnosis helps you to understand yourself more.

  • Depending upon the background to and the timing of the other diagnoses, i'd be wondering about autism as a kind of organising umbrella.  In my case, and my sons too, i see some of the other diagnoses as quite logically spinning out of the effects of undiagnosed, therefore unsupported, autism.  Feeling different, at odds with the world and quite often unaccepted or isolated was always quite likely to lead to difficulties that would then come under other labels, with clinicians believing they'd somehow diagnosed the cause.  For me undiagnosed autism provided the soil in which the other issues grew.