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Hey there 

I just finished a audiobook called Unmasking Autism by Devon Price. I really enjoyed it and this was my first experience of an audible. I struggle to read books as I find I read and then track back and read again, I struggle to concentrate and take it all in basically.

Is there a must read book that anyone can recommend for self discovering as a newly recognised autistic? 

  • Thank you for that feedback.  From what you mentioned about Neurotribes - I think I will first try borrowing the paperback via the local library.

  • Hi. I have a subscription to Audible - 1 audiobook a month. Still working through the 19hours left of Neurotribes. When I saw the paperback I understood why. 

  • I am new to audiobooks (but already like using Podcasts I suspect I would likely enjoy audiobooks too). 

    Do most people use Audible via Amazon - or are there other platforms you also like to use for accessing audio books?

    (Our County Library Service seems to have some eBooks available - but perhaps not the sort of material I had in mind).

    Many thanks to all. 

  • I've read On a Different Key by John Donvan and Caren Zucker. I like it! It goes into quite a lot of detail regarding autism's story and where it found itself in different historical contexts. Very interesting read.

  • Just skim read: In a Different Key. by John Donvan and Caren Zucker

    I was mainly interested in the story in modern history. It is not an easy read, but interesting none the less. And certainly challenges the delicate hold I have on viewing my autism as a difference and not a defect. But sometimes I feel I need to face this.

    Anyone else read this? I'd be interested in thoughts.


  • In the middle of reading "We're not Broken", I followed his trajectory through to a BFA. I am enjoying how much more accomdation there is now. I had to invent my own accommodations to get through in the '70s.

    I'm not finished yet the book so will have more to say in a bit. 

  • about a third of the way through. It's so wonderful. It is a great addendum to "Neurotribes"

  • the subtle art of not giving a f**k-mark manson 

  • I got to the top of the library wait list for "Unmasking Autism"! just downloaded the audiobook version! When I can tear myself away from Nick Harkaway's genius sci novels that channel the spirits of PG Wodehouse and Terry Pratchett so will be my next read. 

  • Enjoyed "Unmasking Autism" too.  The take home themes for me were a) rediscovering your own values and b) then re-learning to conduct you life while honouring those values.  (Admittedly, all of that is very much still "work in progress" for me!).

  • Yes, I found that (What Works for Autistic Adults) useful too.  Particularly, the list of sensory things in the section "Golden Equation" - which I bookmarked with plastic tabs to make it easier to revisit as I think on them further (to help me think about "here is something which matters to me", can I think of a mitigation in my own control and the equivalent workplace etc. Reasonable Adjustment).

  • Nick Harkaway's "The Gone Away World". He is my current fav writer!

  • That's so cool that you made your own library! The main problem with my school library is that we already have SO MANY books and now Ms. D has to get rid of a bunch of them. 

  • Why couldn't they spare a little room for the LIBRARY, which is OBVIOUSLY the MOST IMPORTANT room in the school?).

    This is the 21st century and libraries are digital now so one that deals with a limited range of physical titles that most people now don't want to use will make it a low priority. It sucks but it isn't the end.

    You can find most books available to download or borrow digitally from

    I've been stocking my own library from eBay (600 books in the last 2 years) and there is no shortage of great titles to choose from, including lots of out-of-print ones. I spend about £2.50 on average per book - a lot less sometimes when I find a seller with lots of the ones I'm looking for.

    Once finished you can re-advertise them and make most of the cost back typically.

    I even bought a load of wood and designed / built my own bookcases (in a nice, thick cedar wood) to house them all, but that's probably me turning it into a special interest.

  • That's so sad! The library at my school is shrinking because of an expansion (WHAT?! They're giving the ART ROOM a HUGE room! Why couldn't they spare a little room for the LIBRARY, which is OBVIOUSLY the MOST IMPORTANT room in the school?). Sorry. That went off on a tangent. But I still have the public library! Most of the books I read are FROM libraries! That is so sad that you don't have a good library!

  • girl unmasked by emily katy, it’s the best autism book I’ve read, along with different not less by chloe hayden 

    I’ve just started reading this on audible…. So far so good!

  • I recently had the pleasure of reading Uniquely Human by Dr. Barry M. Prizant. Have to say this is an excellent book, well written and very insightful throughout.

    Recommended to one and all of all ages.

  • girl unmasked by emily katy, it’s the best autism book I’ve read, along with different not less by chloe hayden 

  • Ohh sweet that's so cool. I hope you'll enjoy when you get to hear it. It's a fabulously great book.