Imagining a neurodivergent world

If there were fewer barriers to neurodivergent contributions, how might NDs shape the world? 

  • If I could change one thing in the NT world, it would be more acceptance of being different. So that I don't fell "weird" or "strange" or "disordered". If I didn't have to mask so much and pretend I was like them. What about you?

  • It would be wonderful if people weren't so threatened by difference and maybe celebrated it instead, or at least have the courage to address the fear and replace it with curiosity. Different perspectives could gently open up the world to reveal possible solutions to our seemingly intractable problems like poverty, violence, exploitation, and inequality.

    For neurodivergent people, being on the periphery gives us a unique perspective and it seems a shame not to be able to share those perspectives without eliciting fear in others. I believe that if there were fewer barriers then NDs could bring a whole new dimension to how we see, understand, and interact with the world. 

    And that sounds exciting to me Slight smile

  • There are no real barriers apart from the ones you create for yourself with poor decisions.        If you go digging, most of aerospace, engineering, behind the scenes of the film industry, TV, architecture, computing, electronics etc. are all being pushed forward by ND people.

    If you look at any softer things like animal care, it's almost all staffed by ND people.    

    As an ND person, if you find where you fit, you can make things happen.

    The only real problem is a lot of ND people accidentally end up in situations where they have to interface too much with the NT world - and that's where the problems start.

  • I have proven myself to be more than competent in Administration and Reception roles, but the employers still choose the young Hussy who just left Tech over me.

  • Administration and Reception roles

    All those type of roles are almost completely reserved for NTs - it's all social and political with small-talk around the water-cooler.

  • I was treated like a God at the Admin role I had at the Community Dental Practice in Portadown. However, I didn't need an interview for that role.

    Interviews are the kiss of death for me. They're more than impressed by my CV/Application Form, until I him and ham during the questions. (in spite of so much training around interview skills since sixteen years of age)

  • I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that I work in special educational needs and am recently diagnosed. Although I feel that it does give me a unique perspective. The only things I would change are less time with staff and a change in lighting.

  • How are you doing Pikl? x

  • We would rule it as benevolent dictators to our human underlings so that they might prove less violent, unpredictable and more useful to the society they claim is so important. 

    No hypocrisy, no PC, no lies, no virtue signalling, just doing what's best for the species and the future of all our children, with out discrimination or personal agenda. Education, peace and health for all. Consideration of your fellow man is the key to peace and happiness, not tolerance. No wars, no borders, no tolerance for rule breakers and no one comparing my utopian vision to Hitler.

    You wanted the truth about this right?

  • isnt that wonderful, i mean kinda amazing, and  interesting ,,,,,,,, its what we all want to see Slight smile