People saying "I wish you were normal"

First time posting here so I hope I'm doing it right. 

I've noticed a lot recently when my Mum talks to others about me or my brother having Autism people will often say things like "Oh they have something wrong with them" or "If only we could give them normal brains" and I'm standing there feeling like absolute crap cause then I think "Well I'm obviously useless so what's even the point of being Autistic and being alive. Then there's the sympathetic sad looks from people and the" Oh I'm so sorry for you" comments. It just really gets me down sometimes. I'm very proud of my Autism as it makes me who I am but when I hear the comments it's like a punch in the gut. 

  • Ugh. I feel like saying to such people 'I wish you were more open minded.' But I'm too nice to say it.

  • Same. Wish I could say that to them too.

  • Ask yourself, what's a normal person? 

    Normal people are the creators of racism, discrimination, bullying and other offensive actions. 

    I would like you to know this, your brain has abilities that are nonexistent in so called normal people. Autistic people are now able to describe ourselves as "neurodivergent", those of us with neurodivergence think in a different way, by doing so we are creative and radical thinkers, since normal people think normally they only think of normal day to day things. 

    Next time, if you feel able to, raise your voice telling them your talents. Tell them their normal brains only think of normal day to day things, not very creative, lack of focus, that 90% of technology came from Autistic brains.

    Point out to them they claim the truth is so important and they choose to intentionally be dishonest and hide the truth. Remind them they love having boring conversations like the weather and traffic, remind them of their obsessive interest in socializing and wasting time, remind them they're scared to be different to their peers. All of these are Neurotypical Deficits, they have a pathological disorder that gives them the inability to communicate in a straight forward way and that's why it's so difficult to understand them.

    I can see you find it hard, but try not to let them drag you down and tell them about their Neurotypical Deficits.

  • I know aspies that can't tell their own extended family because of their vocal attitudes to people on the spectrum..

  • just to remind you this forum is for autistic people and non autistic people as well. We have loads of non autistic parents and carers in here who we invite in here and have every right to be in here

    Normal people are the creators of racism, discrimination, bullying and other offensive actions.
  • This was actually really nice to read. Sometimes I forget that neurodivergent exists and that many Autistic people have created lots of things! 

  • That's so hard. Like I hate that some of us just don't feel comfortable enough to be ourselves. 

  • Those type of people are inept you must ignore what others think or say if you do not value there opinion do not bother with them. That is how i deal with it a lot of "neurotypicals" to me seem so much more void less people.

  • I've Asperger's and talk about the weather and traffic. Slight smile

  • If there was no such thing as "normal people" they would be no such thing as "abnormal people", each time nonautistic people went saying I have a broken brain I just reflected it back on to them. If they're (bullies) are going to be so disrespectful do they deserve respect, the ones bullying and making fun of? 

    Who gets discriminated and why? People who come off as a bit different like autistic people, if they were no such thing as normal people they would be no abnormal people to discriminate. Anyone who agrees with the existence of normal people categorise people into minorities to be bullied and discriminated.

    Do parents of autistic children claim their children to be abnormal and broken? I doubt it.