Reducing suicide deaths in autistics who the police prosecute

Autistic people may be very intelligent and have an unusual focus of interest, which may involve computers, but this may not be understood by the police who may look to prosecute them for doing things which they never thought were criminal. It’s all to do with theory of mind (ToM), as we think differently, have different motives and are easy prey for the police, who can make our innocent actions sound criminal, even though we are unaware we have done anything wrong. 
We have a 10 times rate of suicide compared to neurotypicals and if convicted for innocent intentions , this will probably increase the suicide rate much more. 
We hate injustice for anyone and will fight hard to avoid it

So my theory is that inappropriate prosecution of autistic people often has a fatal outcome. Many of the Autistic spectrum people in prison  are not only there inappropriately but have an extremely high suicide rate and the police should be aware of the harm they may be doing.

This has never been researched. I feel authorities may not want the results.

I’m looking for help to start this research, but getting nowhere. 

any comments? Do you hate injustice more than most others?

  • Dear Dave,

    I have just posted about the Police please if you have time let me know your thoughts.

    Your comments are so true as I am having a nightmare at the moment.I have shred this and get stars as reply ranging from 1 star to 3.5 what does a star reply mean ?

  • Dave, your story intrigues me, I'd take a P.M. with a link to it, if you care to share. If you'll let me cast a critical eye over it and ask you any awkward questions (via P.M) I have extensive trouble making and resolving experience, I might be happy to share..

    The police are not, despite their sometimes robotic aspect, in actuality universally Evil. The real people who get caught up in that game, still have some humanity lurking in there, and I tend to tease it out into the open when I get the chance, so I'm pretty sure of my facts.

    They just are a bit crap, and they don't actually serve the public, although most that I have met do seem to firmly believe that they are "serving the public interest", which must engender permanent cognitive dissonance, if they don't repeat the mantras and drills correctly and often. Well, "interest" is a banking term, anyway, and I'm just not going down that rabbit hole... 

    Fortunately ours are not armed, so we are still allowed to put up some argument before letting them steamroller into your life. Having a browse at the free 59 page police guidance pamphlet in the for sale section of this site, is most illuminating. They can chase a Brazilian electrician onto a crowded train and shoot you multiple times in the head whilst you cry for mercy, but they break the guidelines about subjecting us to the stress of noise if they do... At least there seem to be some checks and balances.


  • You will be a victim in your own house if you annoy the police enough. THEY'LL come and victimise you! heck they threatened to do that to me over a neighbours unfounded complaint about my back garden drone flying. (They instinctively sided with my normie oppressors and started telling me to STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING, earning them the mandatory twenty minute conversation on my doorstep, of course.) 

    And there's NOTHING you can do to stop it if they really want to mess with you, there's plenty of evidence of that coming from the youtube whiistleblower types.

    AND THEY HOVER THEIR HELICOPTER OVER MY BLOODY HOUSE. I knwo a bit about "optical systems" now and there is NO technical need for me to hear the blades beating over the sound of my TV except teh psychology of intimidation.

    A poster warns us obliquely "the police are on this site". and I for one am very very glad!

    Here we are autists, and you will get the unvarnished truth, written by people who not only have a different viewpoint because they are not members of "the biggest gang in the country" (as one policeman once told me) which gives one a certain security and confidence, "swagger" if you will but are more often than not victims of both the criminals and the police. Victims of crime who interact with this gang of costumed poseurs and measure them by their actions, all seem to report very similar stories 

    This should be a "teacheable moment" of course, but it won't be.

    You are not allowed to criticise those who think they rule over you. 

    It just upsets them.

  • The laws are stupid if someone breaks into your house with a knife and attacks you and you defend yourself you can be charged for hurting them. I will not be a victim in my own house.

  • I was burning some waste about this time last year and TBH, I was being a bit overly enthusiastic, and someone got concerned about the smoke.

    I'm not sure it really needed SIX of the costumed fools to turn up...

    The usual dance ensued, they started throwing their weight about and telling me what they could do to me, so I gave it the yes sir, no sir, three bags full. One seemed a little less robotic than the rest so I engaged with him a bit more than the others in actual normal conversation. He turned out to be an autist. 

    I can't see how the regular "sensitive, sees both sides of the argument" type of Autistic person can do that job, to be honest. HOWEVER a cunning psychopath could fake Autism, which would indeed give a good cover for when the psychopaths "lack of empathy" shows... 

    There are, as I once told a senior Policeman, three groups that dominate our society. The POLICE, the CRIMINALS and the rest of us, their PREY. 

    If you are ever unlucky enough to break your bail, (I got falsely accused of something, and on my initial court appearance, I was so far out of my comfort zone that I didn't hear the date for my reappearance. the matter was not dealt with there and then because my solicitor was unprepared, hence the bail. When I told my solicitor that I had not retained the date, he said "don't worry we will write to you before your court date", and then did not, which is how I came to break my bail) you could, like me find yourself in the cells with real criminals. What impressed me so deeply was the cosy relationship the real scrotes had with the police. "Boss, have you got a cigarette?" and similar conversations were all around me. I really did feel like a "third wheel" in that place. When I got assaulted in the street during a botched mugging attempt, and attempted to invoke some justice the policeman sat in my house and told me, look, he'll go to court but he is a serial offender and will get out really quickly and will HAVE YOUR ADDRESS, so do you really want to go through with this? 

    As a member of the public I used to see the police as our public service, but criminals see them as their "Boss", as became evident from several conversations I witnessed, before I finally got out of their and into court to get my stupid case thrown out. (I still got some sanction for breaking my bail though) The solicitor even had the gall to raise me a bill, and threaten to try and enforce it, until I demanded a face to face with a partner, and explained to him why I was not going to pay his bill, and that as an unemployed person I had all day and every day to spend fighting them if they really wished to go toe to toe. 

    I'm hopeful after coming here, that my experiences with the police were indeed worsened by my Autism, and not how they generally act all the time. Because otherwise, it raises the question how can the neuro typicals be so stupid that they tolerate such a rubbish and poorly motivated public "service"?

    And if NT's are that stupid, why are we letting them run things?

    And the criminal justice system crates such a long gap between the offence being discovered and the offender being prosecuted, that by the time the matter is resolved all the participants have had time to mentally move on anyway, OR have had a long period where their lives are effectively "on hold", which punishes the victims, of course, but also raises the question of whether six months of terror "on remand" is actually already excessive punishment for some offences? 

    Incidentally, if anyone has the funds and is interested I've found a place down south that trains the police firearms people and (wait for it) if you can afford it, the public can book a place on the same course!!

    It's about 2K for a two day course and accomodation. You get basic training and assessment on multiple firearms. I just wish I could go with a handful of like minded people. A day of making things go bang, learning new skills (or new weapons in my case, as I spent some time in the military in my misguided youth), and gently taking the piss of the police simply by being there, really appeals. I'll take a PM off anyone who fancies accompanying me next time I have money!

    The "rule of law" exists because most people simply want to get along, and because we are imperfect beings, we needed a formal set of agreements about how this should be done, and a cadre of "good strong men" to deal with those who are incapable of simply "getting along". Now that simple requirement has created an expensive parasitic monster that attacks good and bad people alike with equal ferocity, according to it's own rules, which are SO COMPLICATED that we need an entire hierarchy of well paid savants just to interpret those rules for us!. The "good strong men" in the meantime, were replaced with often weak specimens, who have since the late sixties been selected entirely for their ability to follow orders without questioning them, as they "kettle" rioters and commuters alike, when anyone DARES to mount an organised protest against some aspect of the SYSTEM that they serve rather than the public that ultimately pays their wages.  

    In the new society that is emerging, soon the entire public will get to be "policemen". You already see it on the road with the berks who use the second (overtaking lane) permanently on dual carriage ways whilst sticking earnestly to the speed limit. Just try flying a drone fifty feet over your back garden now, and see how long it takes before a neighbour sends the old bill round for a chat.. Then try as I did on enforcing your right to continue enjoying teh use of your own back garden in a harmless mannner.

    For those of you who are "droneophobes" like my undisclosed neighbour who chose not to come and say hello, even after being informed by the police that I was open to discussion about my flying f outside of the origional erroneous complaint I was actually causing them any injury or harm. (I could adjust my flying to avoid their routines easily enough). Since I had valid reasons and permissions in place for doing it I was insisting on continuing doing it until someone actually came and gave me a good reason why I should not, since in no way was I "observing their kids".. FYI a small drone does around ten minutes of flying (usually less) and is way less noisy than your neighbours 30 minutes of mowing, as much of an eyesore as a medium sized bird, and even if I WAS minded to try and closely observe my neighbours, from fifty feet up, with the low quality and very wide angle "landscape" cameras fitted to the vast majority of drones (even the good ones are usually pretty wide angle, which means you have to get close in to observe people intrusively) hovering dead centre of your own bit of space, you can't be a "voyeur". Yes, apparently, that was the complaint originally made, and recorded against my name in the police files. Jesus, I'm a 'sperg for gawds sake, the word "Voyeur" directly translates to "seer" so it's technically true and unassailable! But any policemen who reads my "file" will assume, that I am of a similar ilk to the policemen who attended my first burglary.. (I am a frustrated private pilot, who turned his hand to a cheaper and more convenient form of aviation. The voyeurism I was obtaiining was the view from 2100 feet I got used to enjoying when I could do proper flying. But. Normies....) Although I declined to let the policemen into my long suffering G/F's house, and given my already bad attitude was rather enjoyng keeping them standing uncomfortably on my doorstep whilst I woffled on about the technicalities of drones, my reasons for doing it. Yes you may have threatened me during our little chat Mr Policeman, but I enjoyed watching you shift from foot to foot as the effort of standing still and listening to my LONG explanations and offers to make compromise if the anonymous neighbour really needed it, tired you... I could have shown him my copius collection of drone footage, I am gifted actually, at avoiding capturing people in my footage. I have tried invading my own privacy of course, looking into our windows, watching myself flying the drone, and you would KNOW if someone was trying to invade your privacy with a sub thousand pound drone, because you have to get in real close to that window AND have the light behind you if the electric isn't on. 

    Normies. Police. They are just TROUBLESOME. Surprisingly enough, I don't actually dream of "revenge" although I am passionately keen to see my fellow Autists (after being postively vetted for psychopathy) be put in charge. I get my revenge by keeping most of my personal actions beyond reproach, which allows me to be able to "speak truth to power" at great length when the opportunity comes knowing on my door. This is where Christs teachings really come in handy. Would you believe it? He taught me that if you actually live a clean and wholesome life, and live by the golden rule, you cannot be fairly accused of any transgression. That's proven to be 100% true whenever I've had to test it...

    Am I doing any good with this? Has anyone got this far without being bored to tears or horrified? 

    What I am actually trying to do is both highlight the problem that we seem to to face both as Normies and Auties, (as well as simply complain about how we Auties get the worst of it) and show the best techniques for handling this problem (copious honesty used both offensively and defensively, and living a decent life where you harm no-one by intent and compensate those who you might harm by accident as far as you can). And if you are small minded and bitter like I can be, vigorously suppressing your early life training that "violence or money is the answer to all life's problems" then giving them a bit of lip, without giving them an actual excuse to violate you is mandatory.. you get extra points if you can talk them into wanting to leave the force.

    They are, after all, eminently "brainwashable" people.

    Except the true psychopaths. 

  • Nice to hear some thinking in tune with mine. Some of my previous posts have been attacked by a couple of people.

    The law is run by neurotypicals for their convenience and financial benefit and the police are experts at distorting the facts and truth for their convenience and gain. 

    I have been nearly killed by this and lost £2m with my life ruined.

    I would love to get some media help in publicising this , but it seems like media are also on the police side

    Never trust the police . Never try to explain your actions to the as they will always misinterpret what you say

  • that is very bad advice wink wink. u can still be prosecuted. Also there are  members of the police forces who are autistic and in here as members before you arrived. They are perfectly welcome to be here as they provide very good advice.

  • The police are a joke the best you can do is install camera's and have a few guard dogs with weapons in the house for """"""display not for self defence"""""""""""" wink wink

  • When I tried to report Arson to my narrow boat, all I got was a rather sarky, "you have been a victim rather a lot haven't you? Mr xxxx".

    When I last got burgled the police were more interested in whether the van on my drive was taxed, the time before, whilst they waited for me to get home, they went through my video collection hoping to find pornography!.. 

    More of a bane, than a service really. Go and look up what percentage of robberies and assaults end up actually going to court in your area.. TBF a few good ones seem to slip through the selection process, AND it must be a pretty thankless job. But well paid and incredibly safe, statistically speaking, I am told.

  • Spergs are brutally honest a lot of them which ends in them being target to violence for mate crime and general abuse even by the police. As much as society wants us to believe the police are here to help you it's quite the opposite they just want to get you on anything to close the case.

  • I am so incensed at how our police force works, that I have developed a strategy of wasting their time and taking the piss at every single opportunity I get.

    I managed to corner a senior police officer once who was buying some computer stuff off me and I put it to him that there are now THREE main societal groups, the police, the criminals, and US THE VICTIMS OF BOTH OF YOU!! HE mumbled some tosh about "government guidelines" being the problem before escaping...

    The key when being hassled by an aggressive type of policeman is to keep your eyes on the *** at all times, Thinking how much you'd like to rip his arm off and beat him to death with the stump, whilst saying the most compliant things, whilst keeping eye contact as much as possible.  Yeah, we don't like doing eye contact do we? Trust me, my type of eye contact, makes 'em really uneasy and keen to escape, after quite a short time. Oh, and make sure you have some inane & harmless questions in the hopper.

    It's the master who asks the questions, so you want to be asking the questions, as much as you can. Again,it puts 'em off balance and makes them want to go seek the easier meat afer about 10 minutes of being quizzed. 

    But you HAVE to be NICE AND COMPLIANT throughout, in order to keep the upper hand. As soon as it gets confrontational, they have ALL the advantages. After all it's the main thing that they DO. Confront the public, and wherever possible convert them into some sort of criminal.

  • I think a justice system which focuses more on early social interaction to nip the problem in the bud would be much better for everyone. instead of destroying someones finances, ruining their reputation and career and wasting taxpayers money

  • Sounds much similarities to my case.9

  • In my court case, having autism made little to no difference to the end result even though it is well known that a common symptom of being on the spectrum is lack of empathy and not knowing someone has been upset, and the case was all about upsetting someone online who had done the exact same to me so I had no way to know this was a crime as I had used logical thinking and didn't anticipate such a corrupt and one-sided justice system

    I have also noticed that these "paedophile hunting groups" tend to target people with aspergers/poor social understanding or low IQ. In the videos you can clearly see that the person has been entrapped by someone posing as teenagers online and that they can't understand what they have done wrong. I have found that the results of some of these cases have resulted in punishments which don't seem to take their condition into account

  • Here's another one - When I was 13 I was attacked and grievously beaten up by a 43 year old judo instructor door man and his son at our local liesure centre - the police were called and instantly the blamed Me - THE CHILD at 13 years old. Think about that for a moment...? 

    Child is attacked by an adult who is in a position of responsibility at our local liesure centre and the Pigs (Police) take his side and give the child a caution. The attacker is still about in out town - and at anytime at all I could call him out as an abuser on his social media platform. 

    You can bet he will be shitting his self because I am certain that he is a sexual abuser too. SCUM and the police who support him are even more SCUM than he is. 

    Just to let you know - I run a local business and have a huge amount of customers in our area - so I am not the criminal that the abusers portray. 

  • Did anyone see the disgracful piece of dirt talking on the news? Cressida THE ***? She is despicable 

  • The young millenial police are the worst ever. They are psychopaths - most millenials are anyway. But give them a gang membership aka joining the Police force and they are like loose cannons. 

    Not so long ago one of them knocked on my door in  a panic and though I was gonna kill myself. He got the wrong address. The suicidal guy was in another house. I made a joke about it and the psychopathic millennia Pig shouted in my letter box - "Wind your neck in or youre gonna get nicked"

    He had his hand on his weaponry and he was just dying to use it on someone. I hope he gets beatento a pulp  by a gang of Zoomers

  • Terrible stuff, but sounds the same type of thing the police have done to me. We have a different Theory of Mind , such that our motives are totally different to neurotypics.

    police ruined your life as they have mine and Julian Assange, Gary  McKinnon, Lauri Love, Tom Hayes.

    I am keen to highlight the problem with the police and ASD people. We are easy targets for them, but they can ruin our lives and cause our death

    i am pleased to find someone else who understands how the police cause harm to us.

  • We are just easy targets for them to meet statistics and maintain public funding.

    I estimated that it cost six figures of public funds to prosecute me for "trolling online" in relatiation to someone who had done the same to me in the first place for years that I couldn't escape from. I tried to fight at every stage with complaints but it didn't go anywhere and now my view has changed on this country and how corrupt it is. My case was ongoing for 2.5 years and it was the closest I came to suicidal thoughts, they could have dug out even more against me which would be even worse. They stacked extra charges for things which I did not do which forced me into pleading guilty

    I believe I have some mild form of PTSD now, every time I hear the word police or a siren I feel like they are going to come and lock me up, raid my house take away all of my stuff away again

    A country which spends a 10-20 years of a typical workers income tax on prosecuting someone for upsetting someone online for a childish argument is simply not sustainable IMO. I recently graduated with a masters degree in engineering and was working, until this case I have been on the dole ever since which was almost 3 years now. I am much happier though and I since my view changed I do not feel guilty whatsoever that I will be claiming the dole for life instead of contributing to the country and economy with my masters degree in engineering