natural supplements/vitamins

Anyone have success with increase in focus taking natural supplements or vitamins?  Sick of children's hospital recommending meds and would rather go natural.

  • Yes. I take supplements, when I’m not in this depression or whatever it is. We know enough to know what the body needs, and when we give it what it needs, it works, perfectly. Dr Fuhrman is a good guy to listen to. And I live by Ayurvedic rules. If that’s what you call them. Which is to basically listen to your body. Give it the things it needs. Fresh air, sunshine, wind, rain, sleep, rest, play, love, and the best, most natural foods we have at our hands. Be mindful when eating. Don’t eat when sad, or angry, or any strong emotion. Don’t talk about heavy things while sitting eating your meal. Enjoy the food, the flavours, colours, smells, textures. Keep it simple but wholesome. Give the body time do digest the food. Give thanks for the food. Nobody knows us better than we do ourselves but in our busy lives, we often forget to really get to know what our bodies need. How much rest we need. How much fun. How much study time. How much food our bodies need and when it needs it. What kinds of food. Is the food nourishing and life affirming? We now have enough information to know what the body needs. But it also needs peace of mind. We can’t get hysterical with what we’re eating and expect the food to do all the work. I take supplements because we also know that food is often lacking in minerals etc, so to get what we need for optimal health, we would have to eat more than we could manage. 

    Supplements are important but they’re not a substitute for good nutrition and a healthy life in all other respects. It’s a package. And one that requires us to turn away from the clock of society, and instead, listen a little more to what our bodies, hearts and souls want. 

    There is enough information available to work out what we need in combination to listening to our bodies and adjusting etc where necessary. And sometimes, we may require medications. They can be supportive, but ultimately, we want to provide our bodies with what they need from the food we eat. Getting the right amount of fluid is important as well. There are no short cuts to optimal health but there’s no race either. Once you make the decision to take control of your health, you’re on the road.