What Happens If Someone Tries A Discussion About "Ecology Versus Economy " ("Climate Change") Upon This Forum

Greetings, Anyone. I do not Post as Frequently as I used to. But this is a "Hot Topic" socially right now, but, a bit like CARS, no-one started a Thread about it.

My question is... the folly of "because One cannot see it, then it does no-one harm?"

...With regards to "Climate Change", this here WWW/Internet... & Electricity, Smartphones, Radiowaves, UHF, Mining Rare Minerals for said products, etc... All of this activity grows exponentially, just like the Population. Both are harmful in My Own opinion... but I am, um, 'insignificant'... so I was wondering about what anyone else's opinions about "Climate Change" are here in general.

(Beware I often have to sign off abruptly, sorry. But I post this and see if/how anyone else is interested in anyone else about it all.) From Me, Good Fortune To All Good People.