Scared of my future/brexit.

  • Just to say i talked to my parents and it is all under control. I will get back to you guys when its all sorted..............
    Hello I lived here for about 30 odd years and i have been schooled here and never broken the law.
    I was born in south Africa in 1987 and moved to the uk, my mum and dad are Belgium and we moved from Africa due to my dads job. I myself never really worked and I claimed jobseekers and dla at around 2012. 
    I was to have a paper claiming if i wanted to keep my Belgium passport but I never had it and my passport was revoked. 
    Only started saving recently to become British as to stay in the country. I am getting my papers sorted and then i can get a British passport but im scared if they say i cant become british and then deport me as i never really worked here.
    Everyone tells me not to worry but i just dont feel safe. I understand why people voted for brexit but i dont want to move as i will live in poverty and wont be safe in Africa. I have nothing there.
    My mum and dad worked in the uk for most my life and they are applying for British passport and what not. 
    I am not very good at saving and I have asked if I could have a loan on but they were pretty rude.
    I feel so bad im not sure if I deserve this at all, am a bad person? Will i get kicked out?
    Could you give me any advice?
    I did try to contact NAS but it said it was blocked not sure why as i have not used that email in years
    Kind regards.
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  • First of all you may not need a solicitor. You might have citizenship. A passport doesn't necessarily mean you are a citizen. Any solicitor who is their salt would be able to clarify the situation, even slightly. It sounds like you are being took advantage of or the solicitor is a clown.

    This is for the citizenship and it does not cover a passport. 

    I just had a automatic reply from the site you suggested and it said this:  

    Unfortunately, we can’t respond to your email if it falls into any of the following categories:

    If you are seeking specific advocacy, legal advice or medical advice

    Also I must add I went to my Belguim embassy in London and they said my passport is void and I need to apply for a citizenship but he did not do much research as he did not know that my parents worked in uk, if they did not he said I have no chance to become british.

    I have been told that I was born when Africa was not in the british commonwealth and that's why it's more difficult.