Scared of my future/brexit.

  • Just to say i talked to my parents and it is all under control. I will get back to you guys when its all sorted..............
    Hello I lived here for about 30 odd years and i have been schooled here and never broken the law.
    I was born in south Africa in 1987 and moved to the uk, my mum and dad are Belgium and we moved from Africa due to my dads job. I myself never really worked and I claimed jobseekers and dla at around 2012. 
    I was to have a paper claiming if i wanted to keep my Belgium passport but I never had it and my passport was revoked. 
    Only started saving recently to become British as to stay in the country. I am getting my papers sorted and then i can get a British passport but im scared if they say i cant become british and then deport me as i never really worked here.
    Everyone tells me not to worry but i just dont feel safe. I understand why people voted for brexit but i dont want to move as i will live in poverty and wont be safe in Africa. I have nothing there.
    My mum and dad worked in the uk for most my life and they are applying for British passport and what not. 
    I am not very good at saving and I have asked if I could have a loan on but they were pretty rude.
    I feel so bad im not sure if I deserve this at all, am a bad person? Will i get kicked out?
    Could you give me any advice?
    I did try to contact NAS but it said it was blocked not sure why as i have not used that email in years
    Kind regards.
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  • My dad does not want me talking to anyone outside of this mess.

    I don't know what to say to that.

    I had Jeffrey Cuthbert deal with me before and he a really good person.

    There's a man called Wayne David doing Jeffery Cuthbert's job now. He took over from Jeffery, and knows him because they work for the same people.

    That's his e-mail address. If you contact him on it and add a link to this thread, it will explain your problem, and some of the people he may be able to contact himself.

    Wayne is an important person and will be able to help you. Contact him as soon as you can and don't tell anyone. He will be able to tell off anyone who isn't being honest, and he will be able to help you with your citizenship problems.

    Send an e-mail, and let us know what they say. You won't get into trouble.