Scared of my future/brexit.

  • Just to say i talked to my parents and it is all under control. I will get back to you guys when its all sorted..............
    Hello I lived here for about 30 odd years and i have been schooled here and never broken the law.
    I was born in south Africa in 1987 and moved to the uk, my mum and dad are Belgium and we moved from Africa due to my dads job. I myself never really worked and I claimed jobseekers and dla at around 2012. 
    I was to have a paper claiming if i wanted to keep my Belgium passport but I never had it and my passport was revoked. 
    Only started saving recently to become British as to stay in the country. I am getting my papers sorted and then i can get a British passport but im scared if they say i cant become british and then deport me as i never really worked here.
    Everyone tells me not to worry but i just dont feel safe. I understand why people voted for brexit but i dont want to move as i will live in poverty and wont be safe in Africa. I have nothing there.
    My mum and dad worked in the uk for most my life and they are applying for British passport and what not. 
    I am not very good at saving and I have asked if I could have a loan on but they were pretty rude.
    I feel so bad im not sure if I deserve this at all, am a bad person? Will i get kicked out?
    Could you give me any advice?
    I did try to contact NAS but it said it was blocked not sure why as i have not used that email in years
    Kind regards.
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  • Please don't refer to me as the angry Guy

    I don't feel it is an inaccurate representation of your manner in that post. I can't change the way you were addressing him. If that hurts your feelings there's really nothing I can do.

    Maybe you should be more concerned with your own behaviour than the people's reaction who read it. You weren't concerned about people's feelings when you made that post. Calling someone a liar and implying that they are playing to people's emotions (without anything to base your claim on) is far more insulting than being called "the angry guy" (read your post, there's quite a lot of vitriol and ad hominems).

    You might have been giving him the "tough love" approach, but it could have scared him off. Even if he is a troll, I'm willing to take the risk. I might feel like a bit of a *** after, but that's not really important. I probably am. I'd feel like even more of a *** if he was being scammed or controlled.

    I gave him the good advice the Gwent Police gave me. I contacted them because I am certain he is being scammed by somebody.

    I don't think that they told you to call him out as a liar, and question his agency. There was good advice there, but you did go off on one.

    It seems to be a classic way a scam on a vulnerable person would operate, especially one who is known to have passport problems.

    Now we're on the same page. It all sounds a bit strange to me.

    No Immigration Lawyer who works for the UK Government would want money for his services, he can only act for and on behalf of the State. 

    They can. They do. It depends on the actual case by case circumstances. It doesn't sound like he has applied for Legal Aid. The Government are even nebulous with their processing fees. Besides we don't know who told him and in which context they are working. Lawyers like money, I have two in my family, and they'd sell their own mothers. There's bound to be a few good ones out there though.

    For somebody to say this to this to LoneOne87, because he must have questioned the person who has been getting him stressed, This would have been said to reassure the proposed victim, LostOne87, of authenticity. 

    I'd agree. It's whether they are actually playing by the rules or not that is the concern. They could actually be doing this within the rules. Not the morally correct way, but the legally correct way. I told him really early in the thread not to use a Solicitor until he'd gone to certain places for help.

    You have not bothered to reinforce my suggestion that No solicitor will act for him unless he has a written contract

    I haven't disputed it either. Why do you need me to reinforce or validate it? You put a lot of value on my opinion. First I can't call you "the angry guy", then I need to reinforce your advice?

    The problem is, what, if anything, has he signed, if he is eligible to sign, and who he has signed it with. Your advice is correct, but if he has signed, what has he committed to? Also the advice about the SRA No. is sound advice. There you go, reinforcement.

    LostOne87  must realise, he must use all the free help he can get, and they will direct him to an appropriate local solicitor if one is ever needed.  He only has to fill in a form and pay the recognised a fee.

    That's what I've been saying from the start. Even better, stlll, would be if he didn't even need to. I'm not sure if he even needs to. That's why I was trying to get him to get advocacy, advice, or to contact his local MP.

    I am certain his English is far better than  a considerable number of people applying.

    That may be the case, but his comprehension of it may be a different story. I do think he needs help in it all.

    and further to those 5 AM's below  there is a further one Mark Isherwood A.M. of North Wales who as far as I know sits on a committee dealing with autistic People.

    Now this is pretty good. This guy looks like he would get on the case.

    This really isn't about us. You seem like you want to help, but are getting frustrated. The help you have come up with is great. Just cool down! One thing I think you might be mad over as the parent of an autistic child, is the lack of help he's been getting from where it matters most. It's really pissed me off.

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