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The Community is here for people on the autism spectrum, their carers and relatives, professionals working around autism and other interested people to share their thoughts and experiences.

We hope you enjoy your time here and find it an exciting, helpful service. If you need any support getting involved please read our help pages.


Welcome to your Community

Get involved

Our discussion forum is where you'll find people talking about autism and sharing their thoughts, questions and experiences. To join in with the discussions you'll need to register with the website and set up your Community profile.

Need help?

And if you are finding anything confusing in the Community then please take a look in our help section or our FAQ page (including information about recent problems with Internet Explorer).

The rules

To help make everyone's experience positive and safe we have a number of important rules for using the Community. We also have some tips for members that you might find it helpful to read.

And there's more...

You might also want to look at who else is a member of the community or see our list of other autism and ASD related communities.