• If you feel very bad about an action you've taken try this:

    Instead of running from it. counteract it with a new improved action.

    We are all evolving and to linger over past failures is to deny ourselves

    the chance to improve with new and more thoughtful actions.

  • If youre thinking of leaving Amerantin, please dont. I like you being here

  • If you’re still lurking and read this, please come back.

    It’s me who should leave the forum not you. I am the one with the problem and who doesn’t fit in here, not you.

    Your post is like posts that others make here every single day and you have every right to. That the issue causes me pain seems to be almost unique on here so it’s time I just admitted this forum isn’t meant for people like me and left you in peace.

    Don’t let me deprive you of the support you might get here.

  • Hi Deleted User

    I'm so sorry you are feeling distressed. I don't know what this thread was actually about as you have deleted your post, and I'm afraid I have no idea how to delete a thread, but I understand why you want that and hopefully the community manager that Ben have you the details for can help.

    I do hope that you will set up a new profile on here, even if you just read our posts and not contribute, it may help you feel that others are like you are.  But I hope one day you will feel ready to join our conversations again, even if just to post something on our "3 good things" thread.

    Take care.

  • It's not dumb to be freaked out in this environment.  I find it very weird indeed.  I don't like it at all, but some of the people I have found here (equally weirded out btw) are too good to miss.

    Good luck to you, whether hither or thither.

  • It's a safe place here, there's lots of people who will have had exactly the same experience in some form on some online channel or even physical conversation.

    You're not alone, it's a horrible feeling, but it's usually completely unjustified and you won't have done the damage you're worried you have.

    I don't think anyone will judge you, being able to express yourself without being judged is something we all want and need, I'm sure I speak for everyone that I'd rather you didn't leave, I'd rather someone said what they think than  feel that they couldn't speak at all.

    I know that you'll still be upset and shaking for a while, probably convinced that you've done or said something irreversible, but you haven't. when you feel calm again, consider staying and talking with us all about it, I'm sure we can all help. 

  • Try contacting...


  • We are wanting to help (and comfort) you.   The technicalities of posting, however, are not my strong point!

  • I'm not leaving because of you, it's just I struggle use online forums without having panic attacks. I just can't judge them. I even ended up in A&E before. I'm physically shaking now, it's no-one's fault but my own. I know this can happen but I come back - less often than I used to, but sometimes I think I'll give them another go. It's very dumb. 

  • God, sorry. I know my response was grumpy. It shouldn’t have been. Please don’t leave the forum because of me.

  • Please can somebody help, I'm getting very distressed and upset. I don't know what to do.

  • Please can someone delete this entire post and thread. I can't see how to do it and it's highly distressing that it's still here. Please can somebody help Disappointed

  • Hi, your post was fine, I’m similar to you, I am married and apart from my wife have little contact with anyone else. I don’t feel a need to make friends, it’s always a struggle to maintain friendships, when I’ve tried in the past I have found the other person wants more than I can give. I work alone all day and love it. 

  • Dear DeletedUser,

    Like the rest of struggle.....and you express yourself clearly and resonantly to me.  I hear you.

    Feeling hopeless and demoralised is part of our reality.....but that is no reason to delete your profile here - in fact, it is quite the opposite!

    The things that we struggle with, feel hopeless and demoralised about, varies - both in topic and intensity......but WE ALL HERE,   S  H  A  R  E   that challenge in the round.

    I am supremely confident that Amerantin will not wish you to leave, based on your interpretation of what he was saying to you.  I think you have misunderstood the intent and feeling behind his response.

    Anyway - I won't bang-on at you about this.  Your decision friend......but rest assured of two things, that I know to be a certainty = neither myself nor FH think that you need to feel bad about what you wrote, and nor to we think that the response is a good reason to leave.

    We are here.  That has to be worth something when you are feeling as low as you are at the moment.  I HAVE BEEN THERE.  This place is better than that.

    A bloke who cares.

    Kind regards


  • I feel hopeless and can't stop shaking. I shouldn't have posted

  • I thought your post was interesting. If you change your mind and decide to stay then you are more than welcome. But do what is best for you. I sometimes delete stuff I write on here so I understand 

  • I struggle to use forums and things and I should not have posted anything. I feel really sad and embarrassed that I posted. I didn't mean to upset anyone but have ended up feeling hopeless and demoralised by even online human interaction. So, I think there's every reason to delete my profile.

  • I dont think theres any reason to delete your profile. I dont think anyone was offended, just brought up the fact that TECHNICALLY you have human connection. You may just need less human connection and thats fine.

  • I didn't mean to offend anyone. I have deleted this post and my profile. I'm so sorry. 

  • I think it depends how much you are able to choose your circumstances