The human race is doomed (thank goodness!)

Fighting and killing each other over differences of religious belief - sometimes over the same God, or a different interpretation of same holy scripture.

Fighting and killing each other over differences of political belief - or over the same political belief.

Fighting and killing each other over differences of skin colour, culture, sexuality, gender, nationality.

6 men owning more wealth between them than the 4,000,000,000 poorest people on earth.

Countries starving whilst rich individuals send a sports car into space, or spend £5,000,000 on a wedding party, or £100,000,000 on another yacht.

Obsessions with trivia, nonsense, junk - including gross stupidity like this...

Birdbox Challenge Warnings Issued

I say blindfold them and line them up on cliff edges, or beside busy highways.


With apologies to Craig Raine...

A Martian Sends Another Postcard Home

Sonys are electronic flightless birds
and most are treasured for their call

they cause the eyes to distract
and the brain to soften

I have only seen them fly when dead -
mostly they perch on the hand
or beside the head.

Humans shout at them and poke them.
They do it all the time.

It's the only thing they do.

They'll be a pushover.


Bring on the alien invasion.  Obliterate us.

Happy 2019.

  • This has pretty much been my outlook on life for the last 30 ish years 

    Sad but true

  • I would be honoured to be part of The Last Homo Sapiens. 

  • I have longed despised the human race. That does not mean I despise every person.

    Even on a day-to-day level I find nothing worthwhile in humans. Quite the opposite in fact. (Again, there are individual exceptions.)

  • Until we all have unconditional love for all beings, then war will continue to rage. However, when you do have unconditional love for all people, the world is  a very different place to the one you describe. It is a truly wonderful, spectacular and truly loving place to be and you see the world far different to how the majority of people see the world, which through their eyes of conditional love, is a very grim place indeed. Full of wars and hatred. But that's only one perspective. That's certainly not how see, feel, hear and experience the world. 

  • This is why we need AI. Humans are to short sighted to survive. Bring on robot overlords to tell us what to do.

  • Who would you like to programme the robots that you would like to control you? Some people have already bought into this. They have had microchips put into their bodies. 

  • They don't have to control any one, Just advise the government. to stop being so goddamm short sighted.

    "Hooomans stop doing this now or you will burn all yourselfs to death!!"

    Not so keen on a microchip for identy or any thing (it's mostly tech company higher ups showing off who have those) But if I could have a sweet cyborg eye that shoots lasers I'd be up for that.

  • The micro chips are the third stage of the plan to maintain control of the masses by using what they call artificial intelligence, which they instil into people's brains. This is quicker and easier than how they currently do it,  for example, via tv, films, video games, mobile phone masts, music etc etc.

    The first stage was to introduce what they call 'hand-helds' which are things like mobile phones.

    The second stage moves onto what they call 'wearables' which are iPhone watches and similar.

    The third stage was broken down into different stages. One of them being to introduce micro chipping dogs, then cats then other pets, until it becomes so normal we barely bat an eye when they start micro chipping people, which they have started already. 

    And who is going to program the robots who advice the government? 

  • The eye that shoots lasers sounds pretty cool but what would you do with it?