The human race is doomed (thank goodness!)

Fighting and killing each other over differences of religious belief - sometimes over the same God, or a different interpretation of same holy scripture.

Fighting and killing each other over differences of political belief - or over the same political belief.

Fighting and killing each other over differences of skin colour, culture, sexuality, gender, nationality.

6 men owning more wealth between them than the 4,000,000,000 poorest people on earth.

Countries starving whilst rich individuals send a sports car into space, or spend £5,000,000 on a wedding party, or £100,000,000 on another yacht.

Obsessions with trivia, nonsense, junk - including gross stupidity like this...

Birdbox Challenge Warnings Issued

I say blindfold them and line them up on cliff edges, or beside busy highways.


With apologies to Craig Raine...

A Martian Sends Another Postcard Home

Sonys are electronic flightless birds
and most are treasured for their call

they cause the eyes to distract
and the brain to soften

I have only seen them fly when dead -
mostly they perch on the hand
or beside the head.

Humans shout at them and poke them.
They do it all the time.

It's the only thing they do.

They'll be a pushover.


Bring on the alien invasion.  Obliterate us.

Happy 2019.

  • I find it interesting that you equate wealth with money and the Western consumer model. This seems to be a Western socialist guilt trip to punish themselves based on their greed & envy model..

    Just because people have lots of money, doesn't mean they are free. Most 'rich' people are forced to live in guilded cages where they cannot venture out into the real world. They have no real friends and have to be suspicious of everyone around them's motives as most are looking for a quick pay-day.

    Can Victoria Beckham go to the local shops in onesie to get a pint of milk without someone taking a picture? The publicity would destroy her brand value. She is forced to be +/- 1lb in weight, have perfect make-up never look happy. Some existence.

    I would suggest there are millions of complely happy, satisfied people living in freedom with very little money.

  • This is true, I don't care about money. It's not even a real thing. Just a promiss. I don't Victoria is as misserable as she looks. I think she might just have resting *** face.

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  • I know some 'extremely wealthy' people and they have no freedom. They have a whole load of expectations on them from shareholders and governments. They have no real friends (except me as I don't 'need' anything from them and I've known them for years).

    Their acquantances are shallow 'takers' all with their hand out. They know that EVERYONE is trying stitch them up.

    They have nice cars and nice houses but can't go down the pub and play darts. They can't be seen to make mistakes. Their kids cannot do scouts without someone getting their kids to artificially make friends with them - looking to make money somehow.

    Then there's the burglary and mugging risks.

    They are depressed & lonely people.

  • Oh dear, it seems like it’s time for your friends to do something different with their lives because what they’re currently doing, doesn’t seem to be working out for them. 

    My very wealthy friends are the complete opposite to your friends, so it’s nothing to do with the amount of money they have. 

    Why cant they go to the pub and play darts? Are they barred from the pub or just barred from playing darts? 

    It sounds like the scouts group you mention isn’t a very nice place anyway, if the kids there aren’t interested in building true friendships. I would keep my kids away from places like that. But if the kids parents are lonely and depressed, maybe that’s rubbing off on the kids and that’s making them vulnerable to be taken advantage of. 

  • These people are very well known - and you'd be surprised at how many self-entitled 'people' think that just because they are wealthy, they should pay for everything for everyone.

    There's always some jealous grubbing idiot who gives them hassle.

    The scouts group was brilliant - the kids are great but, again, on past experience, there's always someone who spoils it. Word gets out.

  • I’m not at all surprised by how many self entitled people think that just because somebody is wealthy, they should pay for everything for everyone ~ that’s a terrible shame for them. I’m rarely surprised by people, but maybe that’s because I’ve met a lot of them and they are my special interest ;) And of course, there are lots of people who experience that most terrible of emotions, jealousy (I have and it’s truly horrible) and I think we can all safely say that we have all been and continue to be idiots in one way or another, even if it’s only from time to time. I was an idiot the other week. I cut a wire because it seemed the easiest and quickest way to get it from trailing on the floor. But it turns out it was my phone wire and I will now have to pay £50 to get it repaired if I want to get WiFi! What an idiot! Lol! Never mind!