* this thread needs YOU ! *, Which car/motorbike/tractor/drone/plane/skateboard/surfboard/boat/train is the coolest ever

I used fast cars, motorcycles, drinking beer, fighting, chasing women, and having bad relationships to try to fit into society but the real issue was I was on the spectrum.

It took me a long  time to work out what the real issue was. Have you had a similar experience ?

did you up the adrenalin in your life to try and fit in ? like climbing ice mountains at night with a torch on your head !

did you drink far too much to overcome your lacking social skills ? Funny stories are most welcome as well of course we do need a laugh.

Have you made a complete tit of yourself ? lets us know please.

Did you join the army or the navy by mistake ?  lets us know please. 

does driving cars and/or motorcycles help calm your autism related anxiety or make it worse (eg road rage) ? lets us know

did autism cause you to be so aggressive you got arrested a lot,,,, how did you deal with it, how did your parents deal with it ?

telling jokes about your autism and autistic mistakes is most welcome

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  • ...Um... Hi... Sian, and Diamante... Words fail Me... All I can do is vote up just once... remember what I said about respecting You and being a bit scary...? Well, You Trounced Me, over Eleven Times with all of that, for certain, Sir!

    As being not a competitive but a collaborative person, I did not mean as such to trounce you.

    I honestly cannot compliment enough, there. Honestly. I wonder if this happens to Your Good Self a lot, but... You Construct Posts as EXCELLENT as that, and wield verbosity like a Sword... but all I Myself dare to do is write simple things like "PHWOAR!" (Yes I managed to post it again, wehey!)...

    Well I am very glad you liked the post, very glad indeed, but as far being complimented for which . . . the verbosity has gotten complained about and requests for concision and less detail have been quite common. So writing here on this forum and getting feed back from people who are more concise in their writing; is rather a treasure on earth to learn from, such as is the case with your good self and everybody else's, definitely.

    You honestly to Myself do read like a person *made* for writing Fiction/Books. I know this because I am a writer Myself, but I suffer from the affliction of being a "Cynosure"... (I get "ripped off" too much.). But to reply to Them big ol' Posts there... as I said... all I can think of is mostly ".....!!"

    Well twenty odd years back I was working on a graphic novel, but the rate of images required prevented me from getting published in a well known comic ~ they wanted in a week what I was doing a year!  More recently I have been working on doing a written novel with illustrated images for each chapter, and a few illustrations at certain points in-between possibly. So in a sense you have had a bit of taster of what's to come sort of thing.

    I am glad that I have found a common ground, at least, in Lambos and the Harrier Jump Jet. I have something I can tease about/Nickname You in a way... I can think of You whenever I see these again... Sir DeepLamborghiniThought..

    Would Lady Disambiguating "Tomcat" Cynosure work perhaps if I am not being too F14?

    On the subject of which ~ the seeming merge of the Harrier with the F14 to become the F35B Short Vertical Take Off and Landing (STVOL) combat aircraft looked quite interesting: