* this thread needs YOU ! *, Which car/motorbike/tractor/drone/plane/skateboard/surfboard/boat/train is the coolest ever

I used fast cars, motorcycles, drinking beer, fighting, chasing women, and having bad relationships to try to fit into society but the real issue was I was on the spectrum.

It took me a long  time to work out what the real issue was. Have you had a similar experience ?

did you up the adrenalin in your life to try and fit in ? like climbing ice mountains at night with a torch on your head !

did you drink far too much to overcome your lacking social skills ? Funny stories are most welcome as well of course we do need a laugh.

Have you made a complete tit of yourself ? lets us know please.

Did you join the army or the navy by mistake ?  lets us know please. 

does driving cars and/or motorcycles help calm your autism related anxiety or make it worse (eg road rage) ? lets us know

did autism cause you to be so aggressive you got arrested a lot,,,, how did you deal with it, how did your parents deal with it ?

telling jokes about your autism and autistic mistakes is most welcome

  • You are funny. 

    Is this a kind of rebuff to the estrogen post woman only ha!!!

    Although driving does sooth me anxiety make me feel like I have my own space. 

  • yes

    it is

    then i started to think about men, autism and aggression,,, and my complete obsession with motorbikes. The one time I know I was truely happy was when I was riding motorcycles for fun and thrills.  

    Yep my car is my private space and if need be  I can retreat into it.

    autistic men also make very good soldiers they are 10 times better than NT soldiers after they get through training.  

  • autistic men also make very good soldiers they are 10 times better than NT soldiers after they get through training. 

    Really I never would of guessed. 

    • I liked riding bikes in walse was great in the summertime but then I just stopped. 
  • Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors.

  • Ha!

    Plastic do you drive? 

  • Hell yes!    I've had over 40 cars - including TVRs, MGs etc.

  • u cant join the army if u have an autism diagnosis. But if u dont know about it and join you can have great fun ! Yea nothing better than being an a wee 125cc bike on the hills and winding roads of true countryside. Eventually I stopped when I had to get a car for work. But since my nephew got a bike and i got a spin the bug is back and i have been thinkin of getting one again. Its a good way to die after all.

  • So I could get car advice from you plastic? 

  • i discovered that if I use the key fob to lock myself in I cant get out unless I use the key fob. This got me worried that if the key-fob failed ( dead battery)  i wouldnt be able to get out. My solution is to carry both key-fobs. 

    At the end of my commute home when I put my car in the garage, I sit and  I listen to the radio for couple of minutes to destress/ become mindful that I am not at work.

  • what do u want to know ?