NAS Forum, Internet, And Being Maliciously "Hacked" Upon Here. Yes, Really.

(My "NAS InternetThread #4" in a way. The Title is as it says, there. I had to change passwords Three times to do this. This may be My last Thread (and last Post), ever, not by My own choice. Please see near the end of this other Thread:

...for some detail & Pictures, about what happened to stop Me Posting upon this Forum. )

About THIS Here Thread.
NAS says/once said - draw attention to a 'problem' upon this Forum, that it helps Them by starting a New Thread about it. Whether they acknowledge is another matter, for this is over a Month, now.

But for Myself, after much trouble, I managed to Post This here Thread... which is asking is ONE Simple Question:
What stops My being "Hacked" here from happening AGAIN?

Thank You, Very Much, To Those Who Were Genuinely Nice To Me, & Fare Thee Well. 

  • NAS have let you down badly DC .

    shame on them. You have given so much to them in the past it really isn’t fair.

     You wrote many articles for the magazine they send out. Have tirelessly reported and shown many things found to be both annoying and wrong on this forum, not by moaning or complaining but by being kind and considerate, especially to certain moderators and admin.

    I hope NAS actually see this new post and do something constructive to stop hacking of accounts.

     You are an amazing and very genuine person who doesn’t deserve to come here and be bullied.

     Take care DC and stay close please x()x

  • This may be My last Thread (and last Post), ever, not by My own choice

    I sincerely hope not as I value you greatly in this community. It has indeed been a struggle at times to push through when things go wrong here or your sense of safety is compromised. 

    I hope NAS can do more than just reassure as it would be a tremendous shame to lose you

  • Hello, DC.

    I've been gone many months and just popped back to ask a question about therapy.

    Sorry to hear there have been 'near-trolls' about - you mentioned one by number. Like other people have said, I hope these things on the forum don't worry to much and you feel able to stick around. Your contributions are much appreciated. I was just looking at all your imaginative uses for the new NAS logo.

    I hope Web PM is back soon as I thought they were responsive and I think did manage to fix the copybot problem. Maybe s/he will be able to do the same for 'likebot' and also sort out the thing about having to change password.

    I'd try to help if I get time. Things I'd think about to prevent future 'hacks' might include clearing browser cookies for and maybe if possible (not sure if it is) changing your associated email address and any secret questions (I've been away so long I forget how this forum works!)

  • (I've been away so long I forget how this forum works!)

    AHHH my dear Cassandro... you are assuming that it does! - you've missed a few rough months!

  • I do hope WebPM will resolve it at some point! Not sure why he's on holiday for over a month (according to NAS). 
    A moderator button like many people have suggested would be a great help.
    Anyway, I hope my reply can be helpful in trying to get more moderator awareness for you!