NAS Forum, Internet, And Being Maliciously "Hacked" Upon Here. Yes, Really.

(My "NAS InternetThread #4" in a way. The Title is as it says, there. I had to change passwords Three times to do this. This may be My last Thread (and last Post), ever, not by My own choice. Please see near the end of this other Thread:

...for some detail & Pictures, about what happened to stop Me Posting upon this Forum. )

About THIS Here Thread.
NAS says/once said - draw attention to a 'problem' upon this Forum, that it helps Them by starting a New Thread about it. Whether they acknowledge is another matter, for this is over a Month, now.

But for Myself, after much trouble, I managed to Post This here Thread... which is asking is ONE Simple Question:
What stops My being "Hacked" here from happening AGAIN?

Thank You, Very Much, To Those Who Were Genuinely Nice To Me, & Fare Thee Well. 

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