About benefits

I am worried about the new government stopping my benefits and I don’t like change much also I’m worried about them changing pip to vouchers anyone else felt worried about this?

  • If they were to replace or reform universal credit pip etc wouldn’t that take years to be put in place anyways?  Please could someone tell me there thoughts on this?

  • I heard this on the radio and so decided to try my utmost not to focus on what I see as scaremongering.  I do see how Anxiety can keep going and going and going and going despite loads of different coping strategies everyone tried to do.  I try to think of it this way - I don't know what the future holds with my benefits which is hugely frightening as I know I am unable to work.  What I also know is that I was able to take steps with my last local M.P. who helped me to fight the system and receive what I was entitled to.  It's disgusting that anyone has to take these steps but I believe it's as a direct result of people milking the system so to speak.  I keep myself away from researching the topic and watching things that are triggering to me.  When something happens, I seek help and support when I can't fight it myself. It's so difficult to trust other people will help but that's the only option I feel I have and it seems to work out okay most of the time.

    I'm sending calm vibes as I know how sickening it is to be in that mental tortuous loop.

  • I agree but why not contact your new MP and tell them how much UC and PIP means to you? The old government tried to close the railway ticket offices but we stood up to them and they backed down so taking action does work.

  • i dont think they are as kier starmer said hes gonna make anyone who can work, work.... so these neurodiverse mental invisible illness.... he says you can work... so you have to work. and they need you to in order to look good now as making you all work spurrs economic gdp growth and makes him look successful as a leader....

  • Surely they wouldn’t take it away from anyone or there would be a massive riot wouldn’t there?

    If they took it away from those who have a challenge being out in public, who have challenges in socialising or who may have a fear of confrontation - these people are not likely to riot so are a low risk group to target for them.

    The point I was making in my post was you cannot change what is going to happen, only prepare for the different eventualities. If you can do this you will feel more in control and be less impacted by whatever happens.

    A wiser person than me once told me that worrying about something is about as useful as chewing gum really hard when trying to solve a difficult puzzle.

    It consumes energy and gets you nowhere closer to the solution. It may even pull your fillings out if you are unlucky.

  • It is very hard not to worry as that money helps me in my life. Surely they wouldn’t take it away from anyone or there would be a massive riot wouldn’t there?

  • I hope they don’t take our money away completely as the money helps me not just the universal credit money but also the pip. I hope Labour are more understanding of people other special needs 

  • I am worried about the new government stopping my benefits

    I used to worry about stuff too - it is a pretty common autistic trait and hard to break.

    I came to realise that worrying about big picture stuff like this was pointless. You cannot influence it so all you can do is watch it. If you worry then you are hurting yourself over something you cannot change.

    You may as well worry about it raining in case your roof leaks.

    Once I came to this realisation then I understood that I could continue to be the victim of my anxiety or shut it down and save the energy for something more useful. Mindfullness gave me the tools to be able to do this and it has loads of applications in other things in life too.

    I realise this doesn't help you in thinking about what will happen so I will share how I would approach this.

    I would write down a list of the possible outcomes, eg 1) No change, 2) PIP is reduced, 3) PIP is removed altogether.

    For each of these I would then work out how this would affect me as things stand, then work out what I would have to do to respond to it in order to maintain the same standard of living.

    Lastly I would plan the steps needed to take in order to be able to cope with the worst case scenario and work out if they were practical to do now without risking losing out if the best case scenario happens instead.

    For example if I would have to get a job to be able to live then I would work out what I would need to do to be employable and start doing these steps. You may need to dust off some skills you haven't used, get fit, do a training course to update your skills etc.

    By being proactive then IF things turn out bad, you are ready for them. If they turn out good then you are able to probably do a job or two on the side to make some extra money - a win-win situation.

    That would be my approach anyway.

  • It is worrying but the DWP is holding a consultation so you can make your voice heard should you wish. There are disabled groups such as Disabled Against Cuts are planning demonstrations on this. The more we protest about these proposed changes the better.   

  • Try not to worry.

    They looked into changing it to vouchers and using a catalogue in 2017 and found that it would cost much more than it would save....bureaucracy.

    A lot of the voting public are on benefits of one sort or another, including PIP, or know someone who is.

    There is no guarantee, however I think this government will try and improve the lives of people with challenges.  By this, I mean that they will look to work with us.  To improve things.  So be prepared to meet them halfway, rather than running in the opposite direction, which is all we wanted to do from the last government because they were constantly attacking us.

    Give them a chance?

    Then, if things do get rocky, there will be help.  There will always be places you can turn to who will help you.  Phone MIND up to get additional info on this.  Any changes will not be brought in over night.  Whatever happens is going to take some time.  So focus on staying as well as you can, not letting things that might happen upset you.  Try and do the things that you enjoy, and that you know keep you as ok as possible.

    Count your spoons.  Make yourself a blackout room.  Take breaks.  Find a short meditation that works for you. etc.

    Also, sort your finances out as much as you can.  So you know what least you can live on, should you need to.

    Like a 01234 scale.  How would you cope in each band?  

    Whatever happens, trust that you will get through it.  You're strong.

    Good luck.  You're not alone.