Need help with cleaning house

Please help me sort the house out I've been left alone to tidy clean everything  fell into hell after mothers mental health declined and we were constantly screamed at 24/7 for decades

Just had a bad meltdown because I can't cope

  • Cleaning up a house can feel overwhelming, especially when dealing with difficult circumstances. It's okay to feel like you're struggling.Start small and focus on one area at a time. Set achievable goals and take breaks when you need to. You might also consider asking for help from friends, family, or professionals.When I had to move out, I found Flyttstäd Malmö to be really helpful. They made sure everything was clean and tidy, which was a big relief during such a busy time. If you're feeling overwhelmed, they might be able to assist you with cleaning your house too. 

  • And if you really want to clean this house, I have only one way to solve the problem. You need to use the services of cleaning services. For example, you can contact the guys from They will help you with cleaning with a high-pressure washer. I have been using their services for a long time and can vouch for their quality. I trust them completely, and I advise you to do the same.

  • Wow, man, I'm sorry. Now I fully understand what a boring world I live in. If I were you, I'd get out of this house. I mean, you're surrounded by bad memories all the time in this house.

  • is paying for a ‘once-off’ clean an option? 

  • I find one thing that helps is to set a timer for ten minutes and do whatever tasks are most obvious during that time. Anything that is leftover at the end can wait until another time. Maybe build up to cleaning for the length of a podcast. A lot of cleaning tasks that people do regularly aren't actually necessary, e.g cleaning floors - unless you make a habit of licking the floor it doesn't need to be clean.

  • To get help you need money, charisma or advanced begging skills.

    To give yourself a break, (because it sounds like you are trying to "eat an elephant") start making "lists". 

    try and "modularise" the job, so that you can actually get it down to small enough parts that you can see a complete path from where you are, to where you want to be.

  • I know how you feel.  I spent twenty years looking after elderly parents who were paranoid and in various stages of dementia.  It was a nightmare.  

    My father was a violent thug who hated me and made it very clear that I was an embarrassment to him and that outsiders mustn't even know that I existed.