Question for adults with ASD/Aspergers

Hi Everyone,

thank you so much for reading this.

im in a great dilemma and it’s been in my head since last night and I’m trying to work out if other ppl feel the same way.

i have an urge to correct ppl.

for example it’s been very dry, it sais everywhere no bbq in local parks yet ppl still do it. I got in a argument with these 2 group if foreign ppl because I ask them whether they don’t read the signs posted everywhere in the park or don’t watch tv as it’s been prohibited to bbq any public parks even if it’s been allowed previously due to the dry weather.

again they threatened me, I called the police, etc...

i juat can’t keep my mouth shut, if someone doing something wrong I get pissed off.

i get so wound up about people Parking on the double yellow by my son’s school I have been bugging the Council for months to monitor and ticket them.

i also suffer from chronic depression and anxiety disorder.

whT I’m trying to work out as I’m doing so CBT cognitive behavioural therapy is that I get wound up because of my anxiety or my Aspergers.

is it normal I feel like that?

does other ppl do it or it’s just me?

also my 5 yr old son has Aspergers too and he is the same, he can’t stop telling kids off if they doing something wrong and he even tells adults. I have to tell him it’s not his place. But I’m wondering if he picked it up from me or it’s just part of how our brain works.

my therapists said we like rules because that’s how the world make sense. Agreed

so when someone breaks those rules I get angry because I’m frustrated with the lack of certainty.

i don’t know if any of this makes any sense to others but I hope I can get some answers.

thank you so much in advance