Teenage daughter


My daughter is not diagnosed with autism but i feel she has significant traits and wonder if anyone can advise.

My daughter is 14 and had been going out with a 14 year old boy, this boy had previously been taking drugs and had tried to kill himself. 

They go to the same school and i thought she would be able to manage her own emotions as she is very opinionated . SHe has never been allowed to his house. 

It turns out she has been going to his house and having sex with him. I also took her phone and he has told her 3 times to kill her self and so she has been writing to all her friends that she plans to kill herself, in fact she writes it all the time but Denys it when questioned. He has been very horrible in messages to her , abusive even and toxic.

I have contacted the police who in turn will refer to social services and have put some safeguarding in at school.

She has been told that if she contacts him she has to leave the school. He sent her a note she replied. We had a massive blow up and she said she wouldn’t contact him again , on Friday i found a note written to him but not given...she is not sorry , she is destroying our family , my husband is broken and she not a single person believes her to be in the right but she just cant see it.

We have spoken to her , my police friend has spoken to her , my mum , my niece and several teachers at school even her friends but she just cannot see what she is doing is wrong and effects us all.

Every month since she started seeing him she has had a mental breakdown , hysteria ,screaming me having to restrain her as she is always ‘leaving’ hyperventilating etc

She isolates herself and used to spend all her time on her phone. He sent her a link to watch ‘death videos’ and she ended up watching them loads and became obsessed with serial killers.

she has no phone , isn’t allowed to shut her bedroom door , has no access to the internet and is taken and picked up from school , she knows the police and social services are involved but cannot ‘sort herself out’

She has no remorse and all she says is we have taken her things.

She gets very nervous when we shout but ends up with a wall up so i have agreed to not shout but to walk away and it has helped.

Today we went into a charity shop and she asked for 4 bratz dolls and i said ,yeah alright you must be joking but she really wanted them and has played with them all evening ?????? How can this be a kid who had sex and wants to kill herself? She hasn’t played with toys in 4 years.

I have emailed a local psychiatrist to get an appointment asap.

Please someone help me!

Advice on how to help her see things from a different perspective would be great.