Hives caused by anxiety


This is my first post on here, but I was wondering whether anyone had a child who suffers with a skin condition that becomes worse through stress and anxiety?

We are just starting on the long journey to diagnosis and I'm finding it all rather overwhelming at the moment, especially as my husband is in denial that there is anything for us to be concerned about with our five year olds behaviour. I, personally, have always suspected he may have some autistic traits but these are becoming much more obvious now and working with his school, theyve advised us to go for a diagnosis to ensure he gets the right support.

Every since being a baby, a dermatologist said that little raised itchy bumps he gets occasionally on his body are a form of hives and have appeared most commonly when hes ill or it's hot. But, during the school holidays when hes out of routine, we've had a lot of meltdowns this week and it's all been quite confusing for him at times, he has come out in a significant amount of hives. I'm wondering whether this could have been caused by the stress of being out of routine etc? Does anybody have any experience of this?

Thanks in advance, any information and advice I'd be so grateful for!