Autism pathogenesis: Piecing it all together, from end to beginning ...

Arumugham V, Trushin M V. Autism pathogenesis: Piecing it all together,
from end to beginning ... . J Pharm Sci Res. 2018;10(11):2787

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How to prevent or reduce risk of food allergies, autism, asthma and type 

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  • Graham,

    "Only one vaccine in the UK contains bovine products, Repevax."

    Infanrix by GSK in the US says:

     "Tetanus toxin is produced by growing Clostridium tetani in a modified Latham medium derived from bovine casein."

    Infanrix IPV by GSK in Australia says:

    "The manufacture of this product includes exposure to bovine derived materials. No
    evidence exists that any case of vCJD (considered to be the human form of bovine
    spongiform encephalopathy) has resulted from the administration of any vaccine product."

    Anaphylaxis to diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccines among children with cow’s milk allergy

    Table II 

    Mean casein concentrations in vaccine samples examined

    Table II Mean casein concentrations in vaccine samples examined
    Vaccine Brand name Lot numbers Casein (ng/mL)
    Tdap Adacel C3727BA 12.7
    Tdap Adacel C3518AA 13.6
    Tdap Adacel C3819AA 8.1
    Tdap Adacel C3246BA 17.3
    Tdap Adacel C3448AA 11.8
    DTaP Daptacel C3192BA 10
    DTaP Infanrix AC14B099BA 18.3
    DTaP Infanrix AC14B121BB 12.2
    Influenza Fluarix AFLUA531BA 0
    Influenza Fluzone UT3667AA 0
    Influenza Fluvirin 111814P1 0
    Hepatitis B (recombinant) Recombivax 1023Y 0

    I doubt that GSK (or Sanofi Pasteur for that matter) use a completely different method of producing vaccine antigens from country to country.

    The UK SPC is incomplete.

    Prevnar 13

    diphtheriae strain C7 (β197) grown in a casamino acids"

    Numerous US vaccines contain casein or casamino acids (cow's milk derived proteins):

    I will get back on the other points you have raised, on a separate post.

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