Autism pathogenesis: Piecing it all together, from end to beginning ...

Arumugham V, Trushin M V. Autism pathogenesis: Piecing it all together,
from end to beginning ... . J Pharm Sci Res. 2018;10(11):2787

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How to prevent or reduce risk of food allergies, autism, asthma and type 

1 diabetes: From a parent who has been burned

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  • The first search result has no reference to autism:

    In terms of search results 'plural' rather than 'singular' it's update does now:

    The Freeze, Flight and Fight Reflex Involving Autism:

    Apologies for the time being in terms of feeling a bit run down at the moment, and not being with it enough to find select research links for you.

    Consider also that I am not arguing but discussing, which unfortunately I am rather restricted in in respect of this field of research, due to having dyslexia ~ and the field of your research is separate to mine as being physiology, psychology and sociology from a metaphysics perspective.

    One thing I do know for certain is that seeking to better regulate the production of pharmacological inoculations is a worthy cause, but none the less there will always as such be a small proportion of people who will experience contraindications. It cannot be any other way being that one size does not fit all, and we are all unique individuals ~ whether we are autistic or not.

    Any suggestion though that inoculations do not work, will be met with valid and robust arguments. Trying to relate inoculations to causing Autism has been obviously met with valid and robust arguments also, but does cause autistic trait clusters to be exhibited, and diagnosed as atypical autism and other such social interaction conditions or disorders, when contraindications do occur in the early years.

    Concerning the following:

    Children exposed to complications at birth at risk of autism, study finds

    That's a reasonable possibility but does not explain why 75% of ASD patients would develop FRAA.

    Perhaps it might relate to the high cortisol levels, and people with autism being as such more likely to be affected. One of my friends/colleagues has done a fair bit of professional research involving the Cytochrome P450 System ~ which if you are unaware of involves enzymes that metabolise chemicals, which could be helpful for your research possibly, as follows:

    Poor gut microbiome is a susceptibility factor for allergy, but it CANNOT by itself cause the development of allergy.

    I point that out in my paper:

    Just in case anyone is not up for paper reading at the moment or in general, and does not already know ~ allergies occur when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance (such as pollen with hay fever, dust with asthma and particular foods or foodstuffs with nutritional reactions) involving inflammation of mucus membranes and or rashes on the epidermis / skin.

    With Autism though, due to the heightened cortisol stress levels, it may may appear one is having an allergic reaction, with inflammation and rashes, but instead be a psychosomatic or mind-body relationship stress-tension thing. 

    Any ways, I hope that something here posted is of some help, and all goes well for you, your son and everybody else. :-)

  • Deepthought,

    Thanks for the links. Stress, high cortisol are general insults. Even if they caused allergy, one would expect allergy to a wide variety of items. Why are they specifically developing allergy to bovine FRA? However, while cortisol/stress may aggravate allergy AFTER they have developed, they do not seem to contribute to the development of allergy.

    So the question still remains, what caused the development of allergy to bovine FRA?

    I'd like to point out that the most RELIABLE method of creating allergy in lab animals is to inject them with the allergen+aluminum as an adjuvant, exactly as we do with human vaccines.

    "Experimental sensitization to purified proteins or whole foods, i.e., cow’s milk (CM) or peanut, is achieved by intraperitoneal (ip) or intragastric (ig) administration in the presence of Th2 adjuvants, namely alum,"

  • Thanks for the links.

    Glad to be of some assistance.

    Stress, high cortisol are general insults.

    Very much so, especially as in my case the insult involves  psychogenic seizures, or Psychological Non Epileptic Seizures. The reason for which being given medication to save my life that just about but not quite obviously did the opposite, when I was three.

    I very much appreciate that you have not had a receptive welcome, and very much understand the problems your family has been going through ~ yet the insults you decry is an insult , and such an approach literally needs to be discontinued. 

    This information is being provided for the good of your son, in good faith. I mean no harm and hope that you like everybody else lives long and prospers session! :-)

    Even if they caused allergy, one would expect allergy to a wide variety of items.

    With a compromised immune system, it is like a car with minimal fuel and thus minimal range of travel. There are also different genetic origins to take into consideration, and the ecology of each individual's particular environment, in or from whichever continent.

    Basically though people who live in the country and come into contact with bacteria more in general have robust immunities, and people have flimsy ones in cities where cleanliness or over-cleanliness is more generally the rule.

    Why are they specifically developing allergy to bovine FRA?

    Nutraceutical, a term combining the words "nutrition" and "pharmaceuticals", is a food or food product that provides health benefits as an adjuvant or alternative therapy, including the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in children and adults. There is emerging evidence that bovine colostrum (BC) may be one of the promising nutraceuticals which can prevent or mitigate various diseases in newborns and adults. Immunity-related disorders are one of the leading causes of mortality in the world. BC is rich in immunity, growth and antimicrobial factors, which promote tissue growth and the maturation of digestive tract and immune function in neonatal animals and humans. The immunoglobulins and lactoferrin present in colostrum are known to build natural immunity in newborns which helps to reduce the mortality rate in this population. Also, the side-effect profile of colostrum proteins and possible lactose intolerance is relatively less in comparison with milk. In general, BC is considered safe and well tolerated. Since colostrum has several important nutritional constituents, well-designed, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies with colostrum products should be conducted to widen its therapeutic use. The objectives of this review are to create awareness about the nutraceutical properties of colostrum and to discuss the various ongoing alternative treatments of colostrum and its active ingredients as well as to address colostrum's future nutraceutical and therapeutic implications in humans.

    This was suggested by my friend/colleague which he said you should research in line with your son's condition as diagnosed.

    He said given the nature of what you report, you will probably need to get the bovine colostrum during the six hour period after the calf has been born, as after the twelve to twenty four hour stage it starts becoming the production of milk. Organic really is best on this one.

    Another suggestion is the following on Leaky Gut Syndrome and Autism:

    My friend / colleague for whom immunological disorders are his his specialised field of research, said that leaky gut syndrome can be resolved relatively simply with chicken bone broth ~ refer to link:

    Another factor perhaps worth considering also is Thrush / Candida:

    In respect of the paper, my friend / colleague said that you did not to have the necessary degrees to understand or comprehend the complexity or errors involved with your suggestions. He explained that when IgG4 as you state blocks folate uptake, that alternative routes are achieved quite readily, which he did go through regarding a series of examples in quick and casual 'shop-talk' succession, but due to my dyslexia thing and not as being my field of research, I was unable to follow, write legibly or now report.

    One thing he was very clear about though, is that you need to focus on the 'particularities' of son's 'individual' condition instead.

    And get your son diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder before even imagining to advise other parents on the matter!

    Also recall or consider anew the statement "Publish and be damned" ~ as can involve legal action for presenting unqualified health advice. A detrimentally affected individual, or the corporation who produced the vaccine your son was given ~ would not have to make you look legally accountable regarding your paper in its own right. It's a "Cruiser to a bruiser" he said.

    If you feel though that you must do something, consider more the area of particulate pollution as it has major loaded traction in the scientific community as being a definitive causality:

    Along with which now also the major concern regarding the rising environmental pollution and the increasing health problems worldwide that must be resolved by the end of the next decade.

    In order not to unsettle anybody too much I have found again a paper that was written at the begging of this century (2003), a very very good one methinks, which is more introductory to the problem of particulate pollution, and thus less challenging as a happening right now sixth mass extinction event read.

    Oh ~ I spoke to another friend / colleague who said that he wished people would offer an alternative when complaining about things. The thing is the pharmoclogical industry has lost the battle against super-viruses, what with increases in viruses and bacteria in general that are being defrosted from what was once considered the permafrost, and those developing anew at a massive rate too as things warm up. So in truth you are protesting against something that is really on it's final years as the all important big deal, with the only remaining option being Phages:

    Again, hoping this information is of some service to you, and of course ~ new year wise '2019' have a really really good one, and may it be filled with infinitely more good ones too! :-)

  • Yes, I am aware of the alternative route, but you cannot reverse ALL the damage.

    It is not so much about reversing all the damage, but giving the body means by which to compensate for it.