Blake's 7 (and other sci fi if you want)

I'm enjoying re-watching Blake's 7 so much that I decided to start a discussion about it. Who else wants to join in?

I can't remember most of the episodes because I was about 9 when I watched them, so it's like something new, but it is such a good series. High time for a remake.

Me and my friends used to play Blake's 7 in the playground. I was always Cally. We were all girls so some played male roles.

Avon is such a great character! I love his constant arguing with Blake and I realise now why I liked Avon. Apart from the fact he's a handsome man, he is actually a more attractive character than Blake. All Blake does is shout and get angry. It's very tiring. They should have shown a softer side to him. At least Avon is a bit funny sometimes. And they should have just got another actor to play him when Gareth Thomas left. It was a bit stupid having Blake's 7 without Blake. 

Also I'd forgotten about Travis in his head-to-toe black leather costume. Well! And I like his hatred of Blake too, the way he is always trying to kill Blake, but Blake avoids killing him in order to score moral points.

A much better series than I remember, at first I didn't want to watch it because it was one of the last series I watched with my dad before he died. But re-watching it is actually making me happy. I can imagine my dad chuckling at some of the silly scenes.

If anyone wants to discuss this series with me, please do!

  • The ending!!!!

    It took me years to appreciate the ending, PTSD?, 

    Only Blackadder goes fourth comes close to a sad end.

  • Hi, Kiki. I haven't seen the series since the 80's. However, the actor who played Servalan (her name was Jacqueline Pearce) lived across the street from me. She would tell me about the work she was doing recording audio (for Big Finish I think). I used to smile and wave at her as we did our shopping in Aldi. She died a couple of years ago from cancer I think.

  • Lalalalalala *fingers in ears* I won't watch the ending then.

    What do you think of the earlier serieses? We're only on series 2 so far.

  • It's on Forces TV right now if you want to watch it. 8 or 9pm. Just started series 2 when they find ORAC.

    You must have been quite little then? Was Servalan the one with really short hair?

  • BDSM is not my thing, but I do recall a strong desire to be dominated by Servalan in my hormonal teenage years.


  • I have the first three series on DVD.

    The fourth series went downhill, apart from the great ending.

  • I will always remember Jacqueline Pearce being interviewed twenty years later and being flattered at coming top in the infamous Sun survey.

  • They look very smart. 

    I read that they were only signed up for 3 series, then suddenly got another series unexpectedly so they had to kind of cobble one together.

    We've got the entire series of Babylon 5 on DVD. Do you like that? I was so excited to hear that the original creator is writing a remake of Babylon 5! This could be brilliant with the modern special effects and pre-planned story arc!

  • infamous Sun survey

    I was watching far away from auld Blighty... I assume the survey was sexiest women in sci-fi or similar?

  • Blake and a couple of his comrades left at the end of season 2.  

    So what was the point of having Blake's 7 with no Blake?

    At the end of season 3 their futuristic space ship, the liberator, was destroyed.  I suspect that the BBC were saving money by not having a set dedicated to the ship's bridge anymore.

    Blake returned for the final episode, the final massacre scene with the triumphant  smiling Servalan.