What TV shows do you like?

Are there any shows that are helping you get through the strange days we're living through?

I like those reality competitions e.g. the Bake Off, Sewing Bee, Best Home Cook, Pottery Throwdown etc. And things like Bridgerton and Winx, which are total fantasy escapes from reality.

I also remembered Detectorists. Does anyone watch that? A nice, subtle series with nothing horrible happening.

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  • Odo ruled..... followed by Garak. 

    I think the refresh of Discovery has worked well. Season 2 was the one that gelled most for me. Hit the spot more than Amazon's "Picard". 

  • And I loved the friendship between Julian and Miles. And also Worf, Jadzia, Kira, Sisko, even the Ferengi.

    Yes, I didn't like the weird Klingons in Discovery and all their intrigues, it was too complicated. I like the fact the Discovery went off into the future, it should be good from now on. And I've always loved Michelle Yeoh! Great actor.