What TV shows do you like?

Are there any shows that are helping you get through the strange days we're living through?

I like those reality competitions e.g. the Bake Off, Sewing Bee, Best Home Cook, Pottery Throwdown etc. And things like Bridgerton and Winx, which are total fantasy escapes from reality.

I also remembered Detectorists. Does anyone watch that? A nice, subtle series with nothing horrible happening.

  • "Dead Pixels" , E4 is brilliant.  new series starts tonight

    "Staged"   on BBC iplayer also excellent 

    "Serpent"  On BBC iplayer  OK beautifully filmed, good acting

    "Superstore" USA comedy series in supermarket --- rewatching it again on Netflix but also available on ITV

    "The Great"  raunchy satirical comedy , cant remember where it is ( about catherine the great ) probably  netflix

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Gilmore Girls, Queens Gambit, Bridgerton, Riverdale are just a few I can think of

  • Superstore is great. I’ve seen a few episodes 

  • i forgot "Bridgerton"

  • Stranger things, the Big Bang theory,Friends,the Mandolorian there my top ones.

  • Salvage Hunters the Restorers - sooooo many talented aspies on one show!

    The Great - very clever

    Big Bang

    Wheeler Dealers

    Buck Rogers In The 25th Century.

  • I watched an episode of that list night, 20 mins of pure silliness. Great fun!

  • I tend to binge watch before I move onto the next thing... 

    At the moment - The Expanse - good ol' fashioned sci-fi - on Amazon Prime (Prior to that Star Trek: Discovery but I doubt I'll make the 4th season when it lands, and Haunting of Bly Manor, because I love a good ghost story, even if it wasn't as good as Hill House)

    My catch it-when-I-can-shows:

    Superstore (funny 1st episode, may stay with this one for a bit)

    Star Trek: Lower Decks (still in the do-i-like-it? mode)

    Swedish Dicks (Seems silly and quirky enough to stay with it)

    Orphan Black

    I've a few others lined up (as with most of the things I do, I'm very good at making lists, not so good to getting them done). Looking to return to Westworld, the Knight Templer, and The Living and  the Dead at some point) 

  • I'm a fan of Bob Ross doing his watercolour painting :-) And I've been treating my husband to viewings of a situation comedy called Still Game. All episodes of both seem to be available on iPlayer. Something artistic and relaxing and something comedic and an escape from reality.

  • I can't take Bob seriously after Deadpool did a parody..... (R Rated!)    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSWl_Uk2VgM