Why does everything go wrong

Finding it very stressful trying to convince my adult son, that there are "Nice/Good" people in this world. He is 37 has online friends, but no "Real" friends as he calls them. He has joined a couple of Meet up groups and not had good experiences, so chose not to go back. He is going stir crazy just being stuck home 24/7 365 days a year, only time he goes out is with me. He even admits it's not healthy for either of us for him to spend all his time with mum. 

The only things he has to do is listening to his music, read his magazines he subscripts too, talk to his online friends. He said he wants friends to meet up with, do stuff friends do. He would love a girlfriend, in the future a wife, children but the women he meets all say he is too nice. How can you be too nice ? As a woman I would rather met a man who treats me right, than treats me wrongly He often says mum I wish I had your confidence because I'd be a hit with people.

He has joined dating sites which have been a failure, all they do is take your money. As mum my heart is breaking because I really don't know what I can do to help him.