A wild newbie appears!

Hello fellow Aspies Slight smile

I'm a 24 year old Autistic woman and it's only recently that I've really started to take my Autism into consideration. That's why I've joined this forum, in hopes of helping me understand it a lot more and also being able to relate to other people (something I struggle with!)

I also struggle when it comes to online communication. It feels like a chore to constantly keep up with it. I know a lot of other Autistic people find it's the best way for them to communicate, and I'm sort of hoping that's how it will be for me. Or at least, I hope to become better at it. :) 

So yeah, just wanted to introduce myself. Hope to be able to speak to lots of cool people and improve my online presence.

Peace out ^^

  • Hello and welcome to the community! I'm guessing by the title you are into Pokémon?

  • Hey there! Slight smile

    Yeah I love Pokemon. Love playing the games and have quite a few Pokeplushies too! ^^ 

  • My Gameboy Advance packed in a few weeks ago. Not pleased! There are quite a few Pokémon fans here. I only play the classics. Didn't go past Sapphire.

  • Still got my Gamecube! Well I've got a NES, SNES, and an N64 too out of the Nintendo consoles too. Gamecube had some classics. I still get mine out for Viewtiful Joe, Wind Waker, and Smash Bros.. Doshin the Giant and Mario Party were good at the time too.

    Hey as long as Captain Falcon is still on Smash Bros. I'm good!

    You play other stuff apart from Nintendo? Oh and Nuggets or Tendies?

  • I never played any of the NES era consoles. Gamecube was my first Nintendo console. Gamecube games were so good and full of personality! Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine (which people *** on but I love!), Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle etc... 

    Also, Smash main? King Dedede always. King K. Rool & Bowser next (I like the big boys!) 

    I play Playstation too. Never really done Xbox. Had a 360 and liked Viva Pinata but that's about it.

    Gotta go nuggets (hence the username) 

  • Yeah, I don't know why people dislike Mario Sunshine it was good. Looked anazing too, in fact still doesn't look sloppy! Mario Kart is always good ever since the firts one they haven't dropped the ball.

    The heavies! I use Peach sometimes, the umbarella helps when you get a big hit off the platform!

    I'm playing an Xbox One mainly now. Red Dead is great, Forza Horizon 4 (because Rally Cars!), and I still go back to Skyrim. Love Elder Scrolls.

    Yep, nuggets for me too, with more BBQ sauce than nugget!

  • Mario Sunshine is amazing and if anyone hates it they are a dumbdumb Stuck out tongue 

    I do like racing games. Mario Kart being my main but I like others too. ^^

  • Do you play any other 2D fighters apart from Smash Bros.? I'm a big Street Fighter fan, it's kind of a place my autistic focus can kick in. I get a bit obsessive. No-one will play "winner stays on" anymore with me! No-one gets a look in.

    My reaction when someone says "Let's play Street Fighter" is pretty much this.....

  • Hehe that's exactly how it is when I play Mario Kart! I almost go into zen mode! 

    I'd like to get into Street Fighter (I love playing Ryu in Street Fighter just to Hadouken!) I do love the 90s Street Fighter movie though ;)

    I like Skullgirls and the Injustice games. Bit of Mortal Kombat. I liked the Persona fighting game too. 

  • Yeah, that flow state!

    Ryu, Ken or Sagat. Basically anyone with the uppercuts! Ken's a favourite though. Ryu seems a bit emo and sulky. Ken seems cooler! Yeah, the film with Van Damme and Kylie falls into the "so bad it's good" catergory. Even casting Gomez from the Addams Family as M.Bison was insane. He's hardly "final boss" material!

    Injustice is great. I played the first one to death. Got the new one, I always play with Black Canary. She's so OP it's shocking!

  • M. Bison is the best part of the movie. Sure he's not physically initimidating but Raul Julia is hamming it up and I love it. The scene with him and Chun-Li in his office where she's talking about what he did and he shrugs it off is so good. Van Damme is so bad but I can at least enjoy how terrible he is. Joy

    I played a lot of the first but not much of the second, even though I liked it. I just remember being happy that Harley Quinn's outfit wasn't terrible like the first one. Joy

  • Great scene! Plays some romantic music, dims the lights, and after his move fails, gases the room. M. Bison the old charmer! Dee-Jay's fake Jamaican accent is also something terrible to enjoy!

    Evil Superman's head dress type thing is something that looks out of place in those games! Was good to play as Swamp Thing too in that game. Speaking of bad but good movies, have you seen the 80's version of Swamp Thing?

  • "For you, it was the most important day of your life... For me. It was Tuesday." OH SNAP! I frickin' love that scene. 

    I have not seen the 80s Swamp Thing movie. If it's campy "horror" then I am certainly down for that! 

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