i an a 17 year old Aspie and absolutely love musicals like Les Miserables and Hairspray, but have no friends and can barely ever find people who are willing and interested in talking to me. Also, I find very few people who also share my passion for musicals and singing/loving them, which I do all the time! Haha! Are there any others out there?

  • I am happy to talk to you.

    I do not know much about musicals but I like the Eurovision Song Contest.

    I like Billy Elliot. I am not sure but I think it is a musical.

  • Yeah there is a musical of that most better known for the movie of Billy Elliot

  • I'm not mad on all musicals but there are a few I like. Fiddler on the roof is a fovourite.

  • I LOVE musicals!!! I try to perform in two amateur musical productions per year, one in the spring and one in the winter because my life feels like it has no meaning if I'm not doing a show...

  • I love love love musicals !

    I even run a theatre company for young children that puts on two musicals a year !

  • When I was your age, my friends would laugh if I told them I liked musicals.  It just was not 'cool' 

    But they are the ones who were missing out.  There is some very clever lyrics in a lot of muscials, and musicals cover all genres of music.

    From my teens and twenties, the Who had written 'Tommy' and 'Quadrophoenia', Pink Floyd did 'The Wall' which was a musical in its stage and film forms,  Monty Python had made 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' which was turned into 'Spamalot', there was 'The Rocky Horror Show' and science fiction fans had Jeff Wayne's 'War of the Worlds'.  

    As a folk fan, there was Pete Bellamy's 'The Transports', and one of my favourite musicals of all time, The Beggars Opera, which is full of political satire.  And although not really musicals in the conventional sense, Ewan MacColl's Radio Ballads fit the bill, and I would recommend 'Singing the Fishing', 'The Travelling People' and 'The Big Hewer' as amongst the best musicals you could find anywhere (available on You Tube and Spotify).

    Wald Disney cartoons have some very fine musicals amongst them, from Snow White to The Hunhback of Notre Dame.  And then there are the conventional musicals such as Oliver! and The Boy Friend (film version) which I like, together with 'Oh What a lovely War, a moving musical with the story set to the songs of the first world war.

    Yes, I like musicals.  Have you ever considered joining an amateur theatre group?

  • I love musicals and theatre in an actor my favourite musical is Come From Away. I have just finished a production of Legally Blonde where I was in the ensemble and I have been in Greece and moulin rouge. 

  • Hi - I absolutely ADORE musicals! Funnily enough, they were my special interest when I was I'm 22 and at uni, and I'm in our Musical Theatre Society, where we have showcases at the Students' Union every month where we can sing solos and take part in group numbers, and we also do a show every year; this year it's 'Spring Awakening', which is pretty dark but the score is fab and it's amazing to see it take shape. I always took part in musicals when I was at school - I played Ellen in 'Miss Saigon' and Madame Thenardier in 'Les Mis'. It was one of the only things I really loved about school. Yup, musicals are the bomb, and I'm always willing to chat about them - I love chatting about them. Believe you me, there are lots and lots of MT fans out there any way of getting involved at your school/college? Are you interested in going to uni? You'll find your tribe, I'm sure! :)

  • OMG, I LOVE 'Come from Away'. 'Me and the Sky' is my current favourite song. <3