Fake "LikeBots" As Well As Copybots, now upon this NAS Forum

Greetings to All. This is the latest "Maintenance" Thread, or 'Report Spam' Thread. ( ...& For those not interested or not affected, I say just move on, or start Your own Thread. ) But this kind of Thread *is* necessary at times. NAS themselves say to start a New Thread when a New problem arises, and so that is what I am doing here.

NAS, There is a LIKEBOT here now, as well as a COPYBOT. Again. (Using a Plural does not matter.) This Thread is begun to draw Your attentions to the fact.

The BEST information on This Forum, about dealing with "Copybots":

The "LikeBot" is a new thing. I Myself have been seen to "like" certain (new) Users of whom I have no knowledge. This is the Thread to write about that, now. I have never "upvoted" these Persons but someone has FAKED My doing so...

So, NAS, --- SORT IT OUT!!!

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  • As I have chance, I am Posting upon here. Once I sign off, I might be blocked again, and I wrote more stuff upon other Threads to do with this and am taking chance to address somethings here while I can...

    "If users feel that their accounts are being used to up vote content then rather than choose to down vote it (which I understand why they would do) report it to us so that we can further investigate.  I can’t guarantee how conclusive that will be, but it will perhaps give us more to go on."

    I reported it upon the other Thread, there. A link again may follow later. But I wanted to say a thing about this...

    It is NOT here, the matter of UPVOTING versus downvoting which this Thread is about! It is the matter of FAKING VOTES!!

    I cannot put it more clearer than that - I know not why (apart from being prevaricating Allistic people, or something) this digression is mentioned - THIS THREAD IS ABOUT FAKING VOTES, and whatever else mentioned in the OP, Thank You.

    Even As I was forced to leave a few Months back, there have been others included to be "faked" as well as from Myself, including One or more Users for whom I do have a Great Respect. Every now and then, there seem to be new people added. Some are still reading, some have long left this Forum...

    My closing note is this: Anyone using this Forum, check down the History, and have a look at the "achievements" and those said to "like" them. Your Name could well suddenly appear there citing this despite Your never having done such a thing. It is *that* false claim which this Thread is about.

    One last thing I want to affirm before I might have to sign off, now. I have often stated that I have NO intention of turning Myself into a "Deleted User"! If this ever happens --- NAS, I have been Hacked *again*.

    End of Post, Yours sincerely, Angry...!