so i struggle with self doubts and stress and etc. and i was wondering what any of you do to get over it because i'm looking for motivation so i can try to make friends or get a date.....but i'm just looking for inspiration.

  • This is a left-field suggestion and I could be biased but could you be bipolar as well as or instead of being autistic?

    i can really struggle with motivation for years at a time but have short periods of weeks when motivation is not a problem - if anything I become too motivated.

    i finally convinced a doctor to refer me for an assessment three weeks ago.

    i am currently in what they call a manic phase and have no self-doubts or stress (or if I do have them I can quickly regain my balance)

    as far as stress is concerned I can recommend tai chi but any exercise will really help - it's just a case of finding something you enjoy

    haven't made any dates yet but that is partly because it would not be fair to get a date when I am manic if they have not also known me while I have been in a depressive phase. I would also like to find someone who has at least one interest in common. (Yes, the point of a first date is to see if you have anything in common but I just feel that someone is more likely to accept my autism let alone my bipolar if they have an interest in common.) finally it is hard when I am in a manic phase but it would not be the end of the world if I end up spending all of my life alone.

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