Urgent advocate needed for 22nd for court

I need easy read. I know this not possible here. Please try break down your reply or sentences to help me understand.

I in court 22nd Nov. child social services.

I had assessment say I not have capacity without support. I have no support. Court make me go anyway.

I have no advocate. Can anyone find one? 

edit. As update. No advocate or intermediary provided so been declare lack capacity. Not been told outcome or why or when see children. Children were removed and no allowed say goodbye

  • I'm sorry to hear that.

  • Sorry I struggle with what you say. Very sorry. My children were removed on 22nd. I was not allowed be involved in court hearing. Nothing explained. Was not allowed to say goodbye. Not know if allowed see them Sob

  • As update. No advocate or intermediary provided so been declare lack capacity. Not been told outcome or why or when see children. Children were removed and no allowed say goodbye 

  • Could a teacher at your child's school help speak up for you ?

  • Your assesor is corect that it would be good for you to have an advocate.

    It is good your assesor has realised this. It makes me think she is trying to help you properly.

    I think the advocate is someone who's job it is to explain thigns to you and make sure can have a say in the situation.

    Even if you don't have an advocate yet your solicitor should still take extra time to try and make you understand.

    Also he should listen to what you have to say and take it seriously.

    The law says everyong involved in making desisions for you is responcable for trying to help you be as involved in the desision making process as posable.

    That means everyone, your lawyer, the judge, your assesor, must try hard to make you understand what is going on.

    They must also listen to what you want and take that seriously.

    I asked some questions:

    A) do you have children?

    B) do you care for them yourself? Who  looks after your children?

    C) are you going to court to decide where your children will live?

    But its a bit late now so all I can really offer is good wishes, for tomorrow.

  • Take a friend with you, if support has not been sorted?

  • I’m sorry I not understanding. Please break down your comment. I need easy read but that not available here

  • She's right. And actually that sounds posative. It sounds like they are trying to get you some sort of suport worker so you can be helped to make desisions for yourself. But your solicitor should have explained things to you even without one.

    You said your court date relates to child services. So this probably relates to custody of your children. Do you have children? Do you care for them yourself? Does a family member?

  • yes solicitors no make sense and capacity assessor say I need help for understanding. Then I have capacity.

    I get bit lost then but I see you say social care. They are ones take me court

  • ah i get it, you need someone to understand the solicitor for you and deal with the solicitor.

    im not sure how that works then or who would set that up. id think it would be likely a social care worker or something then if you have one.

  • Caelus I’m not too sure what you mean, I’m sorry. I knit understandably the solicitor so i don’t know what all emails and documents say

  • They won’t. I donot know why we at court properly as I not understand solicitor.

    my assessor say I need interimedary and advocate so I can have capacity 

    she tell me capacity mean I can processing information etc but I need support to do that 

  • It is your solicitors job to try hard to make you understand them and to understand you.

  • the person that does everything for you in court is solicitor. 
    once you have solicitor, they do everything. thats their job.

    but they may ask you for things at times so you need to give them any info they ask for if they require it.

  • Thank you writing. This is too much for me to process without easy read. Sorry. Still thank you for comment though

  • “support for a court case is a solicitor” please can explain?

    have solicitor but I can’t understand them

  • generally the support for a court case is a solicitor.

    you should try find and contact a solicitor.

  • The solicitor has a legal duty to help you participate in putting your case forward at the hearing.

    The law says your solicitor

    • Has to try and explain to you what is going on.
    • Has to try and get you involved in prepairing for the hearing
    • Has to listen to you and encurage you to have your say
    • Has to take your wishes and belifes in to consideration
    • Should usualy talk to any one you ask to talk to the solicitor on your behalf.

    However because you don't have capacity your solicitor doesn't have to do what you say.

    Can you explain what you mean when you say your solicitor won't help you? It is his job after all?

  • Thank you. Yes. I try sending what you’ve written for me.

    thank you for taking time for me