Police are dangerous for those on the autistic spectrum

Police do not understand autism and will readily interpret our unusual actions as criminal wherever possible, especially if they think they can make a financial benefit from doing so.

I am keen to try and help educate the police and legal system and look for opportunities

Birmingham tried to do something useful a few years ago but it never got progressed https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/download/downloads/id/557/adults_with_autism_and_the_criminal_justice_system_november_2012.pdf

  • Greetings to Mr DaveAsperg. & Anyone reading might like to try this organisation:


    (NPAA = National Police Autism Association.)

    ...They have/had a Thread upon here, which was largely forgotten... but they seem to still be going, and Their Own Site is/was sometimes interesting...!

    ...In any case, I half agree and disagree with the Police being "dangerous" part. If in dire straits (from Allistics) I Myself would run away and/or seek out a Policeman. It is, yes, a great shame that MONEY influences so very very much nowadays. I regard the Police as they stand, to be the same as most other Organisations in that they are largely not educated towards Autism, just like GPs or SocialWorkers or anyone else... Autism is a "Minority" after all compared to Allistics.

    (...I Myself have more trouble with those *pretending* to be Police rather than Police themselves. Security Guards and Volunteer Security are a bit of a bane (Allistic& prone to lying.).)

  • https://community.autism.org.uk/f/introduce-yourself/6960/national-police-autism-association/

    ...This is the Thread for NPAA within this Forum, about Four Years old. For some reason, the Main NPAA link which I gave above is HTTP and not HTTPS ("S" denotes "secure")... I cannot comment further about this, but the link is there.

  • My own experience with the police has been extremely bad and the NPAA seems solely focussed on the protecting those on the ASD in the police.. I couldn't even get a reply from them despite many attempts. Maybe they could help in situations where autistics have been arrested as we are usually misunderstood and first impressions are crucial in the way police behave.

    Here's a view from the ASD side


    The police need educating about autism and to have great care with their use of the TASER and aggressionhttps://www.sbs.com.au/news/how-training-police-to-understand-people-with-autism-could-save-lives?fbclid=IwAR1xQO1dLSRceUFdL2qzh0Q5Q7EZdsxozbAuQi100oywTKr8h0q89MkA1w8

  • The police need educating about autism and to have great care with their use of the TASER and

    "...and aggression" (Had trouble fully quoting without a <space> in there.)

    ...I have not read the link, but what is said here is true. The thing is... "The Police" are just like all other Mostly Allistic Organisations. Replace the word "Autistic" for "Black" (people of African descent/with very dark skin)... and the same thing applies... it is very bad, yes. (News stories sometimes mention a known Police associate, but they were arrested/tasered <> just upon sight?!)

    What I mean to say is, Yes it is very bad, and very unfair... but most of all, this needs WORK and maybe Time... to change the ingrained attitudes. We are currently living the "change attitude" time, so, discrimination is in the majority. Be calm, be strong, keep at it... and find ways to stay calm in the face of adversity (Jerks)... and keep on being True to what You Know is Right.

    ...I meant what I said about mostly having trouble with "not exactly Police". A good way to start learning about Police is to learn the 'Concrete Written LAW': This changes often, but just know where One stands, and make an Intelligent Impression.

    ...NAS, Anything to say, here, Please?

  • The concrete written law! I find it bizarre and unfair that the police can convict me for asking for help when suicidal by using the malicious communication label, as if I would really have any malicious intent towards anyone I askedel for help from ( after being advised to try and speak to them by my doctor and Samaritans). It seems bizarre to me and I don't understand why the jury said guilty, other than the prosecution had the top barrister if the year for England. Presumably he always like to win, but may cause my demise, unfairly I feel.. Is this what the police should be doing??

    Malicious communication has to have malicious intent ie a wish to cause harm to someone else. They may be anxious to hear of severe distress, but is this what the malicious communication act is supposed to be used for?  Maybe the judge who convicted me could also be charged with malicious communication as well as the jury and the prosecution, police  - lots of them...…………..

  • suicidal

    ...I apologise very much, but this particular term DOES carry almost a separate law of its own. When speaking to police - or anyone - unless it is about someone else planning "suicide", then tactics change a lot. A great deal. All I can say is to communicate without mentioning "sucide", and a lot can be seen... then mention "suicide" and the tactics/attitudes do change completely!

    I might have less to say here now, sorry, As far as I have found, to "everyone else" the term "suicide" has no other meaning apart from "killing", with no differentiation between one person, the Self, or others. I really apologise for having to say this, yet I meant what I said about understanding taking time.

    There are others upon here who also know about, um, "suicide" better than I can write here. There are also some Threads about it. I am a wimp sometimes... can someone else support Me here eventually, pleeeease...?

  • (...It is getting late... I have to try to sign off, now. I meant all of what I said, though.)

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