Communication of pain difficulties

Hi all. Does anyone else suffer with this. I'll explain as well as I can.

So a few weeks back I slipped and hit my head on the ground. My head was cut open and hurt so bad it felt like my face had been ripped off. I did have other injuries but all I could feel mainly was my head. I was taken to hospital but they sat me in a and e. I was so uncomfortable all I wanted to do was sleep. The pain got so bad I laid on the floor just to relieve the pressure on my back. I got told off by the staff but I explained it hurt too much to sit. They still got annoyed at me. I couldnt work out why as I was in so much pain why did they act this way! 

I was left on a bed in a room, I was just laying there in agony for ages. A doctor glued my head up then said right you can go now. I struggled to put my coat on and he put a leaflet in my shoe. I then had someone saying come on out now we need the bed. I was foggy, confused, in alot of pain. 

I made it to the car park, stopping alot of the way and i couldnt walk straight. A week later the wounds infected so I see the gp. I think I'm just there for antibiotics but shes concerned as it turns out I have concussion and she wants me to get checked out st hospital. I dont see the point as I'll just be in pain there then sent home. So I go home. My memory is improving slowly and I'm not almost passing out now. 

I know others who go to hospital with tiny things and get proper treatment. They didnt even xray my wrist which was painful, swollen and had a hard lump sticking out. (Still the same). 

In the past I broke my finger, as soon as I'd done it i told my mum. She got me to help carry the shopping. Only after a week of me saying it hurts did I find out it was broken.

I've injured my leg badly it eventually needed an operation but the dr said how on earth did you walk on that.

My husband thinks I need to act more, cry, apparently I dont show pain in my face! I find this an odd thing to do. If I say I'm in pain I'm in pain I cant act.

Anyone else have relaying your pain to the dr issues?

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