A year later- Confirmed Autistic/Asperger's Syndrome.

Hi everyone, now I haven't been online in a year.. kinda because I wasn't sure if I belonged here due to there being a lot of vagueness surrounding my diagnosis and attending my GP to tell them of the possibly of being autistic.

It was all detailed here: http://community.autism.org.uk/f/miscellaneous-and-chat/8088/how-to-talk-to-my-gp-about-possible-autism

After being on the waiting list, a year. (Yes, the waiting lists are as awful as everyone says!) I went for a diagnostic assessment with the local autism service on the 4th of December.
It was a day full of talking to a clinical psychologist, them relaying my questionnaire we had sent them the month previous (one for me, one that was for my mother, being the best informant in my infant years)
And overall the Psychologist informed me that the decision was made between herself, a mental health nurse, two superiors and another psychologist. and that I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome - which she told me due to the DSM/IED would soon just be labelled as ASD and fall under the umbrella of Autism.

It's been a weird month, informing my boss of the diagnosis- awaiting the waiting list to join the support group to better understand my disorder in a clearer light.
It has also shed a lot of clarity to me, and my family following this...

Due to the fact my parents were concerned and continuially told me I wasn't autistic as I "reached milestones healthily" in my former years, such as; speech, reading, walking. all in healthy limits. not too early or late.
But I was informed that it was possible to have normal physical development with my motor abilities but not socially. which fell me into the category.

Now I'm trying to adapt to life as an Autistic adult, is there any support or advice people could give me as a 23yr old woman, juggling a full time job, part time degree and balancing mentality at the same time?
Hopefully I can hear from you guys.

I can finally say. I can be part of this community.
I will introduce myself in due time