neighbour is aware we are an autistic family (myself and 2 children) yet shining high beam lights into bedrooms for the last year since he failed in a boundary dispute. yet no professionals see this as a 'hate' crime or act on it.

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    Perhaps if you have the finances or think it worthwhile ~ you could start covertly filming your assailant in action for a period of time, and allow him to become regularly and evidently the rising star of his own downfall.

    If this idea seems 'intriguing' in any sense ~ here is a link:

    A number of people getting harassed and abused have taken this approach to getting things sorted out, so maybe it could be a useful recourse for you and your family.

    I have also put a link to this thread on the National Police Autism Association thread stating to them that your problem needs very much to be solved.

    As far as, "aren't people funny but we are the autistic ones?" goes, I generally agree in this respect stating that I prefer to be the odd one out ~ rather than being one of the odder ones in!!! Hey-ho and off to work we go and all that.

    Have a good one,

    and man many more.