neighbour is aware we are an autistic family (myself and 2 children) yet shining high beam lights into bedrooms for the last year since he failed in a boundary dispute. yet no professionals see this as a 'hate' crime or act on it.

  • I am sorry but I had to reply. I have an autistic with learning difficulties son, aged 15 so was looking for some guidance. I came across your post. I feel for you and your children. I don't know where you live or your full extended family make up or support group but sometimes, just sometimes the 'official' route stinks! This if taken in any context irrelevant of autism is a) a neighbourly dispute and more importantly b) bullying. A bully is a bully is a bully yet when bullied back is not a bully is not a bully. Simple. I wont condone violence of course as I have children but I know how I would deal with this! This is not right, at all. What I will say is it takes two hands to clap so please ensure you have not done or will do anything illegal, that's your first base covered. Then, I would go through the police and NAS, see what they do, thirdly and I am sorry if this offends anybody I would have to bring some 'men' into it to have a little chat, politely. If they know you are 'protected' so to speak I doubt they do much more. I hope this doesn't offend or sound drastic but people take advantage of the weak but the weak are stronger than them...if there is anything I can do further for you let me know. I pray you get through this...

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