Daughter in year 11 no plans for future

My daughter is about to undertake her GCSEs and we have just been accepted for an EHCP but no draft in place at the moment.

it looks as though my daughter will fail her GCSEs as she refuses to do revision homework or go to class. 
Everytime I discuss leaving school she blanks me out and there are not many options anyway.

i think failing her GCSEs might be good so she can have a purpose going to college but for now I do not have a clue where to turn or what to do!!

  • gcse's dont matter so no need to sweat over them, i likely got the worst gcse's in the world... you all thought grade f was the lowest joke grade nobody got and grade c's were the general accepted lowest none joke grades? .... i got a grade G in a subject and my highest grade was a grade C and i only got one of those and that was in french and i cant even speak french lmao

    i never wanted to do anything, never had purpose... i still kinda dont but in my 30s i ran into a bit of luck and rode a wave of luck and all my training i did led me to push on and keep my job that honestly i dont want but i struggle on and keep it. got my own place, plan to suffer my unwanted job for 20 more years for full state pension...  if you asked me what i want to do its still nothing... and i suppose this is common sense, i just wanna be able to live without working and be left alone to play games and keep myself distracted.

    it maybe important to give your daughter space and let her work things out, a external force pressuring her into stuff may end up resisting that and going opposite way to equally push against the direction shes being pushed, it may also hold her back more. my dad always tried to push me into work and education and so on and it didnt end well and likely made me more wanting to stay locked in my room and not bother. only when left alone without pressure, i could think and plan myself, it may take a long time as all good plans take time and you cant be hasty or mistakes will be made, but eventually your daughter will likely make the right decision for herself when under no pressure. even if it takes time... then when the time is right it will all fall into place. from nothing to everything in the blink of an eye.

  • from nothing to everything in the blink of an eye.

    I really hope so thank you

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