Daughter in year 11 no plans for future

My daughter is about to undertake her GCSEs and we have just been accepted for an EHCP but no draft in place at the moment.

it looks as though my daughter will fail her GCSEs as she refuses to do revision homework or go to class. 
Everytime I discuss leaving school she blanks me out and there are not many options anyway.

i think failing her GCSEs might be good so she can have a purpose going to college but for now I do not have a clue where to turn or what to do!!

  • I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up and I'm 62 now, I left school with no qualifications, but have since gone on to get a degree in mediaeval history, an NVQ2 hairdressing, a counselling course, learnt to drive and retreat lead. To be honest I think theres to much pressure put on young people to decide things like what they want to do in life, they've hardly lived, how can they plan for the next 50 years? School dosen't provide much in the way of vocational experience either, watching as many cooking programes as I do , I'm always amazed at the number of successful chefs some with michelin stars who have little formal education. Maybe you need ot take a breath and let both you nad your daughter breathe.

  • I will try it’s hard she’s become my hyper focus at the minute as she is struggling 

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