Sheer and utter frustration

Hi, I'm a noob so please be gentle with me.

My wife and I are so frustrated withe the lack of understanding, support, and alleged professionals.

Since year 2,  out now 13vyr old son is still not getting any real targeted support with his issues.

Last year with the ed psych, he eventually was assessed and, in the intelligence tests he came out in the 97th percentile, but still no real support even tho it was noted the  he has several autistic traits that should be evaluated.

He is super intelligent but has v now annual reports and  had teacher comments that he DIES NOT APPLY HIMSELF!!!.

So, got a letter 2 weeks ago for him attend  a CAMS clinic!!!.

It's soul destroying as it's still not the right path and he is heading towards failure to attain the necessary levels for his GCSE mocks next  year.

The system is broken and I feel it has failed him in so many ways.


  • I can't really give you any advice, but sadly I've heard of others in a similar situation.

    I also have family member not much younger than your son who's parents are basically having to fight at every turn to get help with his needs.

    The systems does seem to be very inconsistent.

  • Hello!

    I worked in SEND for 10 yrs so perhaps I can help.

    If I understand correctly, you are seeking diagnosis of your son's autism?  If this is the case, then it is likely that this is why he has been referred to CAMHS - in my local authority CAMHS are responsible for diagnosis of children/young people with autism.  If they Ed Psych recommended referral for ASD assessment then the school will have referred to CAMHS. 

    What support is it that you feel would benefit your son?  It is important that you are able to articulate this.  Are you seeking a specialist school, in class support, a mentor in school?  The following link provides the mainstream core teaching standards for Communication and Interaction needs (autism falls under this category) and may provide you with ideas for support that you can present to the school as suggestions:

    As someone with autism and in a similar percentile as your son in standardised cognitive ability tests, I similarly did not 'apply myself' in school although I did still achieve what would be considered by most to be very pleasing results in my GCSEs.  Some of the issues were sensory - I found the classroom environment very unpleasant, and some of it was simply that I do not want to learn what doesn't interest me.  I am still that way as an adult.