Transition from DLA to PIP

Hi new on here so bear with me
My youngest son has Aspergers and also Marfans Syndrome. he was previously awarded DLA indefinitely
we now have to apply for PIP and I’m worried that he won’t get it as he’s now 25
The form seems very daunting and I thought I’d kept a copy of the DLA form we filled in all those years ago and I can’t find it
Has anyone on here able to give some advice as to how best to fill in the form or have any experiences getting PIP for Aspergers.
Thanks in advance

  • I receive an enhanced rate of daily living from the PIP. Unfortunately, I have worked with individuals who have tried to fraudulently claim, the application does ask you to send in relevant evidence and I believe this is crucial to proving your reliability and ultimately leading to a successful award. I also try and be as helpful to the assessor as possible in regards to pointing out where to find the relevant information for the points I'm making. 

    For example, you might say something like social situations cause me to feel overwhelming anxiety, to the point where I avoid these as much as possible and have a script prepared for common small talk questions including 'how are you?'. This is documented in the print out of my doctor's notes on the 2nd May, where my GP referred refered me to counselling. 

  • It is totally different to the DLA form and the criteria are quite different. So research it carefully. Ask for time extension if you need. There are helpful guides on how to approach it. It also helps to read the decision maker's guidance if you can find it. Adding some evidence is helpful, did your son have an EHCP? Any other correspondence and reports, if helpful. Does he have any adjustments at work, any student sen support? 

  • Hi 

    I claim pip and it was a nightmare the interview was degrading and they completely ignored my anxiety claiming I was happy and engaging, I was having a panic attack so not sure how that is happy! In contrast I just claimed dla for my daughter and it was awarded easily with supporting documents. 

    However I do know of people who had lifetime dla awards that transferred smoothly. 

    The citizens advice bureau has specialised advice and people who can help complete the forms so do disability rights places I suggest looking for one near you and getting help with the form, as I was informed by a benefits advisor describe the worst days.