Secondary school

My son is in his 2nd year of secondary school, he coped surprisingly well with transition, however not all teachers are understanding of his diagnosis of autism. We've had numerous meetings to discuss things to put in place to help him, such as writing things down for him or in his planner, less obvious ways to ask for help etc.

After a recent parents evening I came away quite frustrated, most teachers are saying hes putting in no effort and does not really show much interest in lessons, he could be sat there for 10 mind and hasn't written down date/title or anything.

He doesn't want to accept any help as he doesn't like to be seen to be different!

Anyone have any advice or been in a similar situation. 

  • Hello,

    I’m not the parent of an autistic child, so I can’t give you first hand advice, but NAS does offer a parent to parent service which you can find here.  It would be a good idea to talk to a parent who has gone through a similar experience. All the best, Graham.

  • Yep, same here. My 12 yr old daughter constantly has issues with misunderstandings due to her Asperger’s. I have repeatedly pointed out some issues such as forgetfulness and organisation yet she keeps getting ‘behaviour points’ etc for things that can’t really be helped. I have a parent teacher night this week so I’m hoping to get somewhere......I’ll let you know how I get on!

  • My son is exactly the same. I have just recently had the diagnosis for him after years of struggling for the doctors etc to help me as I knew something wasn't right.

    Anyway now he's 14 and struggling in school. He could sit in a lesson and not write anything all lesson but he won't say anything to the teacher.

    I have been to many meetings with the school and we do have a plan in place but I don't think it has got to the teachers yet. 

    But if things haven't changed soon I'll be getting back in touch with the school. My son doesn't want to be different but he's got to understand he needs the extra help to be able to do the work.

    Any advice for me too would be appreciated  

    All I can say is make sure you push the school to implement the plan you have in place or they'll just forget and nothing will change.