Anyone using CBD Oil with their ASC son/ daughter?

Hey guys!

I have a lovely, but demanding 3.5 year old daughter who was diagnosed with ASC over a year ago.

Now she is getting older, her symptoms, temper and sleeplessness is becoming worse (terrible threes?)

I'm a big believer in alternative therapies and regularly use CBD oil on myself and Personal training clients.

We've tried everything under the sun for her ongoing sleeping issues: Magnesium liquid, Vitamin D spray, Melatonin, oats, Lavender oil and Homeopathy, but nothing works!

We've literally never had an entire week of her sleeping through the night, since her birth.

Wife and I are at the end of our tethers!

We've now started using CBD from a company called the Original Alternative (formerly CBD brothers), who where kind enough to give me a sample bottle of their Purple Edition Formula, which is a Sativa/ Indica blend, and only 0.021% THC.

See: Purple Edition

Three weeks in and we've noticed minor improvements to her mood/ anxiety, however her sleep has not improved and she will be awake 2-5 hours every night!

We have been adviced that we can increase the dosage to two pumps per day in her drink (currently only having one per day), but I'm now wondering if its the Sativa in the blend which can be slightly stimulating (versus Indica).

Anyone had any experience (positive or negative) using CBD please?

Any ideas/ products would be appreciated! :-)